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Evelyn Young

Minecraft Why it is a Good Video Game

Intro Paragraph

Oh no, Zombie! Run for your life! RAGH! Oh no, he’s catching up! No, no, no, he’s, he’s, got me. Help! Oh, I died, dang, I’ll try again on Minecraft later. Oh hi, I’m Evelyn Young, writer of this article. And today I’m going to tell you about Minecraft. Anyway, if you think Minecraft’s not fun, you’re wrong by a lot. We’re going to learn all about Minecraft and how to play it, then you’ll see how fun Minecraft is.


Houses, when you build a house, you are safe from everything. The most important thing to create light. When you don’t have light, it’s bad for your life because zombies and other dangerous creatures will spawn in the dark. So, beware enemy’s in Minecraft. If you want to start of easy, then first build a house made of wood. Then Plant seeds and gather animals and make a barn(Minecraft redstone guide: 20 useful redstone devices 2014).


If you want a castle(s), change to peaceful, creative and build a wall. After you build a wall make a mote and fill it with water. Make a big house taller than your wall and make a staircase to the wall and make a chest put as many arrows as you can in it. While you’re at it make an arrow launcher so no one is getting in without permion. Make sure to add a thrown room. Make lots of houses and spawn villagers. Now you have a castle and your own kingdom. Then just add a garden and farm. Now all you have to do now is to switch back to survival mode and live like a King/Queen(Minecraft redstone guide: 20 useful redstone devices 2014).

Defending your house

When defending your house, you will need traps. Here are three traps to protect you and your house. First, is the water trap. When a mob of zombies chases you home and you want an easy way to defend yourself use the water trap. Dig a big hole and fill it with water. Make holes in your basement and when your enemy’s fall in they die and you get their stuff. The second trap is the lava trap, you dig a hole (4 by 5) and fill a (4 by 1) parts of your hole with lava when the sticky pistons go down lava will cover the zombies and they will die. The third trap is a mob smashing trap. Dig a (4 by 5) hole and dig a (2 by 4) hole on both sides. Then put sticky pistons with blocks to smash them when they open up the zombie stuff will be there and you can live in peace (MrSmellyProduction).

Kingdom hearts

I’m doing a counter argument about Minecraft vs Kingdom hearts. There both good video games so I wonder who’s going to win. In kingdom hearts, you are a boy and you first start out in the dark. Then you get taught how to play from there you go against enemy’s and fight to save worlds. Then there’s also puzzles you have to solve. You meet allies and talk to people to buy weapons. The music is amazing it makes you feel like your there. You play main enemy’s. You can also, run around the different worlds and have fun(► Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Walkthrough).


Minecraft is all of what kingdom hearts does and more. First, it lets you pick which world you want. Then you pick how you want to play and then you can pick levels. You can pick your own characters. Also, you can build and instead of killing monsters every second of the day, monsters only come out at night or they will burn to death. Minecraft is a more well balanced game to play.

The quiz

Minecraft and kingdom hearts both have monsters, adventure and worlds to discover. I have a quiz for you. Yes, I’m talking to you so what does Minecraft do at night? What is the most important thing to do before night fall? What do you do when you see a monster in the day light? Answers, spawn monsters, make a house, let it burn to death.

Conclusion paragraph

I hope you learn a lot about Minecraft and how to play. I learned a lot too. I knew somethings but not a lot. I learned how to trap my enemy’s and kill them with a press of a button. So, next time you think, hear, play or watch Minecraft ask yourself, would I like this game? Would I play it? Would my friends like to play it? Would my family like to play? I think I’ll go play Minecraft now. Thank you for reading!

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