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1-What Is The Aim, Objective Of Training Teacher?

1-What is the aim, objective of training teacher?

The teacher is the most important element in the learning process. It is so vital to train teachers to learn the new teaching strategies and improve themselves.

Aims, objectives and learning outcomes provide a clear indication of the goals and purpose of the training. Trainers use them to focus the training and to assess performance and success of participants. Participants can use them to evaluate the training from their own perspective.

The Aim

Aims and objectives of training provide perspective of the training goals and make the trainees able to asses and evaluate their performance.

The aim for training teachers is to increase their knowledge and teaching skills and make them more efficient at teaching.

The objectives

The objectives of training teachers are to make them more efficient in their work place, developing the services they provide and work better as a team. Also, it enhances the relationship between the employees and make the working environment more positive. Furthermore, training teachers develop good command of the subject and pedagogic skills, Also, it provide the knowledge for the teacher of children psychology so to the teacher is able to handle any difficulties he might has with students and the students will have a better learning environment. Training teachers also develop their attitude toward teaching and result to better attendance and develop their self-confidence and affect their satisfaction of their life in general. It also enables the teachers to make use of the facilities they have properly and understand the differences between the children which will result in parents satisfaction because of their children achievements. The training for teachers are varies depending on their ages and experiences and the age group of the students they teach.

2-Why do you want to become a trainer and how would you benefit others?

As a teacher, we are often asked to train students or other teachers in the school. Also, right now I am training in a course designed for teachers which allow us to go around the world and observe teachers to learn more and improve ourselves as teachers, and after I go back I am going to have to train other teachers in my school or different schools to pass what I have learnt here and spread the knowledge. Beside teaching. I would love to be a trainer and do training courses for different subjects not just teaching. I always take training courses to improve my skills in every aspect, I recently took a training course on baking it was so much fun and I learned how make my own bread now. I gained a lot through the courses I attended so it is a nice way to give back to the society and pass the knowledge and skills to other people.

3-What is the role of a trainer?

The trainer should train others to have the skills, so the trainer does not just deliver the information to the trainees, to do so they will have many activities during the training course. If they apply what they have learned in the activities, they will have more retention rate and can apply their knowledge in real-life situations.

4-Choose any of learning theories and concept and write a plan how you would implement this in your training and in classroom?

Multiple intelligences which are:

Verbal-visual- logical- kinesthetic – naturalist- musical – interpersonal- intrapersonal.

When I plan any lesson, I have to consider the different types of personalities the students have and their different intelligences. Every lesson should have activities appropriate for the different intelligences, so it should has individual activities, group work, videos, pictures, audios and active games and so on. This is going to make the students able to empower their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

For example, if I am teaching computer viruses lesson I will play a video for my students then let them answer some questions and discuss what they have seen. After that I will let them play as groups a game about viruses where they will be provided with everything they need to know. As a follow-up, I will ask them to write a song about how to protect the computer against viruses.

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