Essay Examples

US universities can’t think of studying without essays

International students may be a little shocked by the number of home essays that teachers inundate their students with, but Americans are used to this form of study. The fact is that in Western universities there are much more educational materials set aside for independent processing than we have. The control of the acquired knowledge is carried out not through tests, as is done with the topics that must be analyzed in the classroom, but by asking students an essay.

In addition, the American education system prides itself on teaching students critical thinking and the ability to motivate the other person (in our case, the reader) to take action. It is the essay that is designed to assess these two skills, so that the teacher can assess not only the student’s diligence in studying the material, but also his ability to creatively process and use new knowledge in practice.

Why are difficulties with essays?

First of all, the possession of written speech is in itself a privilege during admission and in the process of study.

Competent text and the ability to express thoughts in the right sequence are valuable qualities of a student that increase his reputation with teachers. But not everyone has the ability to beautifully and quickly compose texts on a given topic, even if they have something to share with the reader.

The second difficult point with essays is genre features. For most people, it is difficult to understand the differences between essays and other types of essays, and it is even more difficult to create your own unique text based on these nuances. Therefore, in the United States, services for commissioned work like WritingAPaper are very popular among students, where writers write a text in a matter of days or even hours (depending on the complexity and urgency of the task).

Student essays in the USA are the most popular type of assignments in universities, so you can’t do without it in the course of your studies. But if you really understand yourself or entrust the matter to a professional, you can avoid failure and calmly continue your studies at the university.