Media essay

  • Enfeksiyon psoriasis etyolojisinde ''nemli bir tetikleyici fakt''rd''r. Psoriasis hastalar'' normal populasyona g''re daha s''k ''st solunum yolu enfeksiyonu ge''irmektedir. Streptecoccus pyogenes guttat psoriasis ile ili''kili bulunmu''; akut guttat psoriasisi olan hastalar''n %85 inde anti-streptolizin-O antikorlar'' pozitif saptanm''t''r. ''zellikle ''ocuk hastalarda

  • There has always been a preconception surrounding certain instrumentalists with specific personality traits. Particularly in contemporary music, regardless of the genre, there seems to be a larger presence of social perception. There is little indication as to what extent personality traits have

  • Social media. It’s something that is so heavily ingrained in our daily lives now. We use social media so often that the current generation is practically raised immersed in it. However, what is social media? The term ‘social media’ can be defined

  • 4.4. Other expansions of the Dyadic Data By incorporating features of both the APIM and the CFM in the same model, which is referred to as hybrid dyadic model [19], researchers can investigate associations between both personal-level and common fate variables.

  • Between 1904 and 1906, the Catalan artist Antonio Gaudí renovated a building located on Barcelona’s principle residential street, the Passeig de Gràcia, for Josep Batlló Casanovas, a bourgeois industrialist (Casa). The result was deeply rooted in modernisme, an artistic movement