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  • Patient Overview The patient is a 79 year old woman of Chinese ethnic origin admitted to hospital with a vertebral fracture sustained by falling over in her home. The patient felt light headed and lethargic when she fell over. She also

  • A population is considered ageing when the proportion of people in the older age groups increases, resulting in more elderly and fewer young people. In less than 10 years, Singapore will become a country with 21% of our population aged 65

  • In this paper, I will be discussing the impact of certain identities on my development as an individual. Culture is a broad concept and considering all that I have read and learnt about it, I can confidently say that culture

  • Enfeksiyon psoriasis etyolojisinde ''nemli bir tetikleyici fakt''rd''r. Psoriasis hastalar'' normal populasyona g''re daha s''k ''st solunum yolu enfeksiyonu ge''irmektedir. Streptecoccus pyogenes guttat psoriasis ile ili''kili bulunmu''; akut guttat psoriasisi olan hastalar''n %85 inde anti-streptolizin-O antikorlar'' pozitif saptanm''t''r. ''zellikle ''ocuk hastalarda

  • Inner beauty is defined by a person’s character and personality. This is a tough thing for a lot of people to except within their selves, me included. On the other-hand the outside is what everyone bases their perception of you