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  • Alexandria J. Neeley POLS 411 Final Exam May 4th, 2018 Short Answer ID: War Powers Resolution- A 1973 law that laid out conditions that allow the president to dispatch troops without getting congressional approval for 60 days but can be extended up to another

  • Marshall Michel Ney One of the 18 Marshalls of the Empire created by Napoleon, Marshall Ney worked for the Bourbon king when Napoleon was exiled to Elba. As soon as Napoleon came back from Elba, Ney abandoned the Bourbon king and

  • One of Presidents Trumps major campaign promises was to build a wall between the southern border of the United States and the northern border of Mexico. Trump has continually said that he would get Mexico to pay for the construction

  • Membership in the EU is an extremely complicated and controversial issue for the UK, that has been dividing population since the UK has joined it in 1973. The rising division within the society has made David Cameron to call for

  • In November 2nd 2017, the Bank of England raised the interest rate for the first time in over a decade. It has been raised by a quarter of a percent up to 0.5%, which indicates the likely start of a