Finance essay

  • Introduction: The Modern Executive and Statutory Interpretation. Statutes, or primary legislation, are laws that owe its existence to no higher legislative body, and form the starting point to interpret laws in any given area. Because the idea of legislative supremacy has

  • Brexit was one of the most controversial and shocking political development in recent history. It all started when the previous U.K. prime minister, David Cameron promised that his Conservative government would hold a referendum if they were re-elected in 2015.

  • Perfect baby or no baby? Such is the dilemma presented at the doorstep of society. In an age where technology offers a plethora of open doors, the focus of society has shifted from merely surviving as a species to excelling

  • Membership in the EU is an extremely complicated and controversial issue for the UK, that has been dividing population since the UK has joined it in 1973. The rising division within the society has made David Cameron to call for

  • Marshall Michel Ney One of the 18 Marshalls of the Empire created by Napoleon, Marshall Ney worked for the Bourbon king when Napoleon was exiled to Elba. As soon as Napoleon came back from Elba, Ney abandoned the Bourbon king and