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  • After going through this course, something that interested me the most was the racial xenophobia that occurred when cannabis became popularized and how it affected many minority groups after its prohibition, as well as the change of stigmas over the

  • Introduction: The Modern Executive and Statutory Interpretation. Statutes, or primary legislation, are laws that owe its existence to no higher legislative body, and form the starting point to interpret laws in any given area. Because the idea of legislative supremacy has

  • Membership in the EU is an extremely complicated and controversial issue for the UK, that has been dividing population since the UK has joined it in 1973. The rising division within the society has made David Cameron to call for

  • The London Borough of Bexley is one of 33 principal subdivisions of the administrative area of Greater London, indicated on map 1.1 by the red marker. It covers an area of 23 square miles (6,400 hectares) and is situated in

  • One of Presidents Trumps major campaign promises was to build a wall between the southern border of the United States and the northern border of Mexico. Trump has continually said that he would get Mexico to pay for the construction