Environmental studies

  • Biological Perspective: A gist The human brain is the most complex of all other biological organs. It not only gives rise to the consciousness but also helps in the expression of our behavioral responses. The structure of the brain and the

  • Millions of people waste myriad hours a day sitting in a car commuting to and from work, school, and everywhere else. The hours many westerners spend on a solitary commute speak to the abysmal urban planning that created the cities

  • Intro:Have you ever been immersed in nature and just as you are realizing how beautiful the world is, your appreciation is ruined when you notice garbage? Try and think of a time, I know I have many memories of this

  • Acid rain is precipitation that has increased acidic levels. This can occur not only in the form of rain, but as snow, sleet, hail or any other type of precipitation. This acidity is a result of pollution in the air

  • -Styrofoam contains styrene, which has proved to increase the risk for leukemia and lymphoma. -People working in factories which produce styrofoam suffer high rates of cancer, and in females, miscarriages. -Plastics and their toxins get consumed by fish that we eat. -Plastic toxins,