Environmental studies

  • Millions of people waste myriad hours a day sitting in a car commuting to and from work, school, and everywhere else. The hours many westerners spend on a solitary commute speak to the abysmal urban planning that created the cities

  • A new study by Siviter et al ¹ is one of its first to represent data showing the natural variation in environmental factors during embryonic development, and how it may impact upon the development of behavioural traits during the ontogeny

  • Transpiration is the process in which water moves through plants and evaporates into the environment. The water from the soil enters through the root hairs and the water passes into the xylem and travels up the xylem vessels and into

  • Acid rain is precipitation that has increased acidic levels. This can occur not only in the form of rain, but as snow, sleet, hail or any other type of precipitation. This acidity is a result of pollution in the air

  • Prices of oil have been built on fear, speculation, war and geopolitical turmoil, supply and demand. Crude oil is the finite resource that controls a large amount of the economy. Prior to the release of any reusable energy, crude oil