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  • A Common Reading Experience (CRE) is a reading for first-year students to explore their identity, gender, race, ethnicity and civic responsibility. Recommending a new Common Reading Experience to NIU is a process of creating a text full of goals that

  • Travis Hirschi, the author of the social bond theory, proposed that delinquency and social bonds are inversely related and that the concept of social bonds have 4 elements that restrain criminal conduct: attachment, involvement, commitment, and belief (Hirschi, p.169). He

  • The 1972 movie Animal House is a comedy about the members of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity. Even if some situations may be over-exaggerated, Delta’s parties, alcohol/drug abuse issues, and struggles to stay on campus, reflect what life in a

  • The ‘end of ideology’ thesis is one that has often been proclaimed, recently by the likes of Daniel Bell, in the 1960s, and Francis Fukuyama at the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s However its roots can be

  • Shuang Liu POL 697 June 19, 2017 Peace intervention: a case study of civil war in Chad 1. Introduction Chad declared its independence in 1960s when it got rid of the colonial ruling of French. In 1965, however, Chad suffered from its civil war, which is