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  • 1.0 Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM) policies is collaboration on strategy between HR and the organisation’s leadership to be effective and success by reviewing on its human capital. AccorHotels value is based on its human capital which driven the quality of

  • When the UNSC eventually expressed concern regarding the developing situation in Syria, Russian deputy UN ambassador Alexander Pankin was the first to offer a Russian outlook. Pankin dismissively assured that “despite increasing tension and confrontations, (Syria) does not present a

  • Travis Hirschi, the author of the social bond theory, proposed that delinquency and social bonds are inversely related and that the concept of social bonds have 4 elements that restrain criminal conduct: attachment, involvement, commitment, and belief (Hirschi, p.169). He

  • CBA Jamaica: Reducing Climate Change-Driven Erosion and Landslide Risk through Sustainable Agriculture (JCDT) The community based adaptation objective is to integrate climate change risks into sustainable community management of natural resources by strengthening the resilience of communities addressing climate change impacts

  • Findings and Analysis Arrangement of Authority Origami Brain Rehabilitation Center in Mason, Michigan devises many altitudes of authority. As with many organizations, Origami stems from several partnerships. (put more here later) Board of Directors: Origami has partnerships that allow for the most up-to