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  • PasDamped Tongues and Smeared Ears: Of Sight and Sound Language is a fascinating way to tell of our human nature. Most people or able to speak specifically within their culture so when one is able to overlap between cultural barriers they

  • Western Samoa Country Profile Economic and Social: · Population = 200,108 (2017 est.) · Population growth rate = 0.6% (2017 est.) · GDP = 1.13 billion (2017 est.) · GDP real growth rate = 2.1% (2017 est.) Two thirds of the labour force of Samoa (Western)

  • TOURIST POLICE OFFICERS’ COMPLIANCE WITH REPUBLIC ACT 9593 THERESIL MARIE C. LAPEZ [email protected] ORCID No. 0000-0003-1269-0283 JESUS C. ACULLADOR [email protected] ORCID No. 0000-0003-4777-1294 BERNARD F. BAPILAR [email protected] ORCID No. 0000-0001-5653-6507 MARVEN B. JUMAWID [email protected] ORCID No. 0000-0002-1965-3955 JOSEPH C. LAJERA [email protected] ORCID No.0000-0001-5640-634X ADELFA C. MARANGA [email protected] ORCID No. 0000-0001-9031-7447 SHIRLEY O. MOLINA [email protected] ORCID No. 0000-0001-6346-0053 Abstract Tourist police officers ensure that

  • Primary level of prevention: 1)Health promotion. Increase awareness and health education about healthy life style that should be followed strictly to prevent the occurrence of pneumonia among elderly people, such as : ' Maintain Proper hand hygiene ' Clean all the surfaces that are frequently touched

  • This article of the New York Times articulates why The United States needs more low-skilled immigrants, contrary to popular belief. There is an enormous demand for low-skilled immigrants as the baby boomers are leaving the work force and creating an