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  • Country: Thailand Historically, Thailand has always stood apart from its neighboring southeast Asian countries. Managing to avoid the colonization efforts of Europe, Thailand has remained independent throughout its immense, roughly 1000 year history (Hafner). In addition, it’s one of the longest

  • Haven’t you always dreamed of a life like theirs? Extravagant parties, stunning clothing, and more. It was the life of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. We know the facts of these royals. But do we really know them? Their day

  • The consequences of the fall of Rome are evident in the European system as we understand it today, as the Empire’s ‘institutions survived in name ’. There are three key aspects of the European system that can be attributed to

  • Modern Christianity vs New Religions in Post-World War Two Japan 1. Japan’s relationship with religion has long been an exceedingly complex affair. This can be most clearly shown in the postwar period with the collapse of deeply ingrained societal beliefs caused

  • The term "baby boomers" is an informal name given to those born between 1945-1964. These were the years following WWII which the population of the United States dramatically increased. Fifty-four years later, people in the healthcare community have noticed an