Management essay

  • Introduction Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common persistent cardiac arrhythmia in clinical practice.(1) Patients with AF hospitalized on weekends were previously reported to have higher mortality and increased length of hospital stay.(2) A subsequent analysis reported improved mortality,(3) but the

  • Moonlighting Policy A corporate officer is permitted to engage in external business opportunities without pre-approval from the board of directors, per the following stipulations. An officer may continue pursuing opportunities presented prior to his/her position with this organization with no foreseeable

  • The aim of this report is to identify a population that is at a higher risk of injury within a specific sport than the general population, and to discuss the available treatment and rehabilitation for injured athletes and how these

  • The performance of a computer system and networks may be a factor of different aspects and conditions of the computer. On an overall look, the performance of a computer system is directly dependent on how well the computer works as

  • Buprenorphine compared to Methadone in Treating Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy Shannon M. Colantuono Methodist University Abstract Objective: To determine if buprenorphine is superior to methadone in treating opioid use disorder during pregnancy. Methods: I used tertiary data from multiple journals using search