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  • All About Funds The key features, costs, risks and differences of mutual funds, index funds, and exchange-traded funds or ETFs. Mutual Funds While some trace the first-ever mutual fund back to 1774, the modern mutual fund began in 1924. Interestingly, both 1774 and

  • The aim of this report is to identify a population that is at a higher risk of injury within a specific sport than the general population, and to discuss the available treatment and rehabilitation for injured athletes and how these

  • The performance of a computer system and networks may be a factor of different aspects and conditions of the computer. On an overall look, the performance of a computer system is directly dependent on how well the computer works as

  • Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucureşti Facultatea de Antreprenoriat, Ingineria şi Managementul Afacerilor Management of Digital Enterprise TEMA DE CERCETARE 1 BUSINESS PROCESS MODELING Coordonator temă de cercetare Sl. Dr. Ing. Maximilian Nicolae Student masterand, Costache Alexandra Grupa 1 Contents Chapter 1. Introduction 3 Chapter 2. Concepts 3 2.1. Business Process Definition 3 2.2. Business Process Model 4 2.3. Purpose 4 2.4. Stages

  • Introduction: Pregnancy in liver cirrhosis is rare, but is observed increasingly. There is a lack of large-scale comparative research of the complications and maternal and fetal outcome among women with liver cirrhosis. The objective of this systematic review was to