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Amity Institute Of Organic Agricultue


Summer Internship Report

Topic:- Working and functions of KVK’s

Name:-Abhishek Sharma

Enrollment no. :- A1425916006

Semester:- 3rd

Duration :- 15 may – 30may

Industry guide:- Mr.Tez Prakash(KVK HEAD)

Faculty Guide:- Dr.Renu Yadav

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This report documents the work done during the summer internship at “Krishi Vigyan Kendra” Hazratpur,Firozabad .Under the supervision of Mr.Tez Prakash(KVK HEAD). The report first shall give an overview about then work done at Kvk’s to help farmers of that particular region. Report shall also elaborate on the plans and schemes run by govt. in advancement of their farmers I complete this report after 15 days training and attempted to deliver everything correct and useful . I hope I succeed in my attempt.

Abhishek Sharma


Simply put, I could not have done this work without the lots of help I received cheerfully from whole KVK I would specially like to thank Mr.Tez Prakash and Dr.OmkarYadav for teaching us about the concept of kvk and other neighbouring organization working for farmers. . Not only did they advised about my project but listening to their discussions in KVK meeting have evoked a good interest in field analysis too. I am also highly indebted to my companions Anuj Kumar and Sushil Kumar Sharma with whom internship went so easy.

Abhishek Sharma


¬ To study role of Kvk’s.

¬ To analyse the role and effictiveness of kvk firozabad.

¬ To understand problems of farmers in this region.

¬ To learn modern techniques taught there.

¬ To visit the nearby farms for field analysis.

¬ RSETI Visit

¬ Dairy Visit


India has 2.45% of the worlds land area and 17 % of the total population of the world. India is the 2nd most populated country in the world (China is first). About 72 percent population of our country use to practice agriculture. According to an estimate per capita cultivated land area availability which was 0.53 ha in 1950 and 0.195 ha in 1990, is expected to decrease to 0.121 ha by 2025 and 0.087 ha by 2050 putting a major challenge to meet all basic needs of our Indian masses. Because land for farming is decreasing continuously and on the other hand demand of food is increasing because of explosive population.

So that’s why govt. planned to establish kVk in every district there are 624 kvks in India managed by ICAR and State Agriculture Department .Kvk deliver every plan and technique to farmers what govt. had designed for them. The KVK are also providing skill development training and camps for villagers for their source of employment

Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Firozabad is situated on outskirts ofn city Firozbad on NH-2 near Hazaratpur Ordinance Factory (OEF). It lies in south western zone of U.P

Activites done at kvk firozabad:-

• Front line Demostraion

• On farm trails

• On campus training of farmers

• Skill development

• Seed production

• Producing organic Fertilizers

• Animal health camp

• Soil testng programmes

• Training young farmers


1.1 Frontline Demonstration is a form of applied research through ICAR/SAUs system on latest notified/released varieties along with full package of practices on selected farmers’ fields with a view to demonstrate the potentiality of the technologies to (a) participating farmers (b) neighboring farmers and other agencies; (c) to analyze the production (d) performance of the technologies for scientific feed back.


2.1 To demonstrate improved Crop Production Technologies of Rice, Wheat and Pulses on the farmers’ fields; 2.2 To popularize the newly notified and improved varieties/technologies for varietal diversification and efficient management of resources. 2.4 To bring synergy among planers, researchers, farmers and industry for parable interface through seminars/symposium on emerging themes of importance in the field of Rice, Wheat and Pulses production for deciding strategies for development of these crops.

2. On Farm Trails:-

In this sort of training the scientists at KVK visit at field to test any new technology/variety .Farmers themselves involves in this practice so as they can also use the technique later.

3.On Campus Training For Farmers:-

Farmers are called in KVK for on campus training there they are trained on upcoming crops of seasons and best technologies to imply on those crops. This helps farmer to be prepared for the upcoming season too. There they also taught them about Vermi Compost and NADAP fertilizer synthesis.


Rseti(Rural Self Employment Training Institute).They are the centers organised by govt. for the rural population to make them specialised in any particular skill so that they can employee themselves only.

They provide training on different courses for like Stitching,DairyFarming,Farming in efficetive manner,so that they can earn for there living.

RSETI FIROZABAD is running with the collabration of KVK FIROZABAD both of the organisation are exchaning programmes and events and work together for the betterment of the area and farmers.Scientist at KVK train the participants at RSETI and they got certificates for the desired programes which also help them in getting loan from bank for there bussiness to imply the learned thing.


Livestock and animal husbandry management is also a part of KVK action plan,They teach the farmers how to handle there domisticated animals and how to earn a good amount of money with dairy practices.

They also taught farmers and rural population which type fodder is good for the health of livestock and also provide the same.


Vermicompost is a kind of organic fertilizer it is prepared with cow dung and eathworm mainly,earthworm turn the dung into a pure organic compost which one of the best natural fertilizer and rich in nutrients without any harmful chemical.

Red Wiggler (Eisenia fetida) is the common species of earthworm used in this process of composting.This is the process of 90 days in 3 months vermi is ready to used in farm.A pit 1 feet in deepness and and 4 feet in widthis usually recommended for this practice.Which should be covered by a shed on it.


2.Ready vermicompost

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