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  • The article, Gender Disarmed: How Gendered Policies Produce Gender-Neutral Policies in Singapore by Youyenn Teo is an insightful read. Teo begins her article with the ideal and traditional roles, males and females uphold in their family and nation. These stereotypes

  • It’s sad that marine animals are suffering because of all the trash humans put in our oceans. As a matter of fact, endless flows of trash are entering our oceans. This human-made trash os being released into lakes, ocean, and

  • Sunday, December 9, 2018 Michael Brunache Pol-UA 500 Comparative Politics The New Livonian Constitution The nation of Livonia is undergoing a massive change. The Soviet Union has fallen, and with it, many countries are now left to their own devices and forced to reform

  • Dalam soal ini saya akan mencoba untuk menjabarkan bagaimana relevansi idealisme dengan keadaan dunia saat ini. apakah masih relevan atau justru itu hanya akan menjadi mimpi dan angan angan bagi sebagian orang yang masih optimis bahwa dunia bisa menjadi tatanan

  • Despite in the 2008 US Presidential election, there being a 1 in 60 million chance of an individual’s vote determining the outcome (Gelman et al, 2009), it is clear Alvin Goldman’s causal responsibility approach and Carolina Sartorio’s collective responsibility approach