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When People Think Of World War

When people think of World War II, I think there is always an unmistakable tendency to dwell towards the horrible impact Adolf Hitler left behind in Germany and all over the world. But why did the events occur so vigorously and why did sides become so extreme and completely non-neutral? This essay will unravel both the nature and nurture of the mind of Hitler and help us answer this question.

Let’s begin with the pathological agenda of Hitler and the world’s naive role in helping him achieve it.

The diverse swings between love and hate, lust and disgust, oh we all know thy too well… We also know that emotions like these are always placed with a very heavy weight which can be quite hard to move so what exactly caused this shift in the personal perspective of Adolf Hitler and his plans for Germany and how were we blinded for so long?

Hitler, now used as a common comparison to anything of true evil foolery, had always had an intention of extreme control yet we didn’t see get to see this until after he had already gained an immense amount of power, thus leading us to war. The media had a large part in exposing the “fluff” of this posh war leader, causing a more positive image to be conveyed to Germany’s(and the world’s) people. Many pre-war photos of Hitler were of many simple and positive essences such as, him eating vegetarian, playing catch with dogs, even taking strolls through the park. This is well known tactic that allows companies to reach a larger audience and is meant to make the celebrities and media personalities to appear “normal/average” and just like you. And seeing as how media was limited back then, this trick appeared to get a lot of support from the people of German that were desperate for their voices to be spoke by someone just like them.

Although, media tactics provided him with the entail support and not the full power, power of that level is more commonly gradually provided than suddenly taken. And we very clearly just so happened to spoon feed this power to him and his followers, unknowingly, for a long time. More specifically in the instance of signing his Munich agreement which quite literally grew in the size of demands with each time a signature was put down for him.

Secondly, we must bring up the the brainwashing of the Hitler youth. Although bizarre and outrageous, the brainwashing of the Hitler youth was much comparable to our current system of training of k-9’s. It is no secret that Hitler seamlessly developed a large-scale propaganda that he forced upon Germany and his allies. But not only did he manage to fool his citizens, but a whole generation of kids. He created youth camps, known as Hitler Youth, where young boys were brainwashed in training camps.

These children were bred from pure aryan blood, much like how we now breed dogs to be pure and true to their finest breeds. These children were demanded to shave their heads, focus on the “Jewish enemies” and march to the beat of whichever drum Hitler had strummed, including the drum of extreme violence that showed no mercy.

Researchers say that extreme reinforcements during childhood could develop memory alternations and errors, and this is exactly what happened to this group. The idea of the Aryan race being superior to all others was so encouraged, (mostly by violence and even execution) that their brains literally moved this idea passed the belief system of the mind and into the hard facts. We can compare this to the training of dogs and how they can be taught to attack at a certain smell. Seeing as their brains were developed around false expectations, we must not blame the dog, only the trainer.

The socially induced memory errors of WW|| were out of these childrens’ control. They were quite literally bred to be soldiers.

Now before we take a look into the astrological interpretation of these war events, let’s look at the official CIA physiological analysis report so we can take these actions and put them in a more technical format. Hitler was thought to have an incapability to recognize the inferior portions of himself. This diagnosis is called an idealago. People with this condition often strive so strongly to become an idealized version of themselves that they actually believe they are on that right track no matter what. Similar to narcissism, these individuals present themselves as superior and successful. However these individuals denial of true self worth is clouded a lot heavier than your typical narcissist. People with idealagos can not make themselves appear to be inferior in any way shape or form, not even in a circumstance that acting “weak” could help themselves like a narcissist would to get their way.

In every form, these stars and official government analyses point to an unhealthy god complex which had developed too far along to help. Which was probably one of the most defining factors in Hitler’s suicide, besides the realization of the war’s loss.

Now to delve into the starry allotments that can help us map out the energies behind the war’s actions and its tampered minds that were left behind. To start off Hitler’s chart, we should look at how his natal Sun conjunctions his Mercury. No matter the actual level of reason within their ideas, people with this placement have the great skill of being able to present them in the most witty and charming way. Your sun represents your ego, whilst your mercury represents your communication skills, and having these two planets conjunct each other creates an intense energy in both areas of the personality. These natives are often able to word things with such grace, that they are able to convince even the most critical audience by with their intense charisma and social magnetism. However, with such power comes a great burden. People with this placement often find it hard to separate their ego from their thinking process, which makes their feelings very vulnerable to people who disagree with their ideas. Their feelings are easily hurt if their intellectual process is questioned even in the slightest and there is no changing their mind once it’s made.

Also an important factor would be how Hitler’s Natal Mars squares his Saturn. Feverish and drunk with passion.. With Mars being the planet of rage and desire and Saturn being the sign of the father, people with this placement tend to have very deep-rooted passions that his or her father or other male authority figures have shot down quite harshly. These natives tend to play out their desires and goals in such a way that is borderline obsessive, but only because of the amount of rejection these people received in early development. Expression of these intense passions were often strictly informed to be repressed for the sake of “fitting in” causing this to indeed be a lonely placement if not healed correctly.

Lastly, we must look at the most intensely prominent aspect in this chart. Hitler’s Natal Mars trines his Jupiter. Seeing as Mars is the planet of rage and desire and Jupiter is the planet of career fortune, having this trine can lead a person to great victories. These natives can be so focused on their goals that any distractions are simply unnoticed, not even the severity of death can bother these warriors.

People with this placement often lead their career towards physical training, or even war battle, they need something to physically stimulate their finances as well as keep them busy. This is simply no placement that a pacifist could bare, seeing as violence tends to be a common theme in these people reaching their career goals. They tend to dwell upon and gravitate towards any physical stamina or violent energy without even realizing it. This is a common placement for abusers and abuse victims

Overall, the actions played out during World War II were despicable yet they were not unexplainable. Whether you choose to break down these events by the external nurturing, such as how the Hitler’s youth was brought up to be. Or if you tend to view it more so of the the nature of internal placements within ourselves, such as someone’s natal chart. This perception is up to you. But no matter the viewpoint, we can determine how and why the extremity of Hitler’s damage was brought about.

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