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The 1950’S Were A Period Of Changes

The 1950’s were a period of changes and the music reflected both the social changes that were going on while as yet of the standards of the past. On the other hand, 1960’s were a period of changes in the society, fashion, and music. Racial pressures were being stressed with the start of the social liberties development and music reflected a large number of those tensions. Others trust that the promotion of R&B and Rock ‘n’ Roll just crossed over any barrier amongst blacks and whites and further the civil rights movement. In 1963 and years to come, various social impacts changed what popular music was and brought forth the variety that we experience with music today. The "British Invasion" started around 1963 with the entry of The Beatles on the music scene and the kind of angry fans that would follow them would change the way individuals would see plus interface with music and artists. In any case, this decade was a period of development that impacted everything that we hear on the radio today.

Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane was originally titled Someone to Love written by Darby Slick. This song was ranked in the Rolling Stone magazine number 274 on the list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song starts saying: “when the truth is found to be lies and all the joy within you dies,” the audience can experience the feeling of disappointment, and the consequences a relationship has with other individuals. As the song continues it says: “when the garden flower baby are dead, yes and your mind, your mind is so full of red,” doing reference to something joyful which are the flowers, but on the other hand playing with your mind when saying “your mind is so full of red” which can be anger a person experiences.

Surfin’ U.S.A. is a song by the Beach Boys, written by Chuck Berry. Billboards ranked this song the number 2 song of 1963 as well; it is part of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll list. One of the lyrics saying “we’ll all be planning that route, we’re gonna take real soon” meaning that they’re planning a road trip across the United States that they will be doing during the summer, which is close by. Another lyric saying: “We can’t wait for June,” since this is when school is over, people will be able to surf and enjoy more the beach.

Brown-Eyed Girl originally called Brown Skinned Girl is a song by Northern Irish singer and songwriter Van Morrison that was recorded in March 1967, even though it was released in June 1967. That year it reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is about an ex-lover in an interracial relationship that he used to have. Many radio stations consider the song to be very explicit to be played so they removed the lyric “making love in the green grass” and replaced it with an existing lyric.

Like a Rolling Stone is a 1965 song written by Bob Dylan. The song starts by saying: “once upon a time you dressed so fine, threw the bums a dime in your prime …” which talks about a woman who acts very childish. The song is about a girlfriend he had, who cheated on him, and eventually left him for the famous artist Andy Warhol. Their lives went different ways, Dylan moving on, and Palmer becoming destitute, and dying a homeless drug addict. The song includes black humor on Dylan’s part, mocking the girl after Warhol dumped her. Apparently, Warhol and Palmer broke up because of the way Warhol treated her. The song says: “Ain’t it hard when you discovered that he really wasn’t where it’s at after he took from you everything he could steal” these lyrics show how Warhol abused Palmer.

Respect became a 1967 hit for Rhythm and Blues singer Aretha Franklin. The song is on The Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and a list of Songs of the Century. Her version is a declaration from a confident woman, who knows what she wants from a man. She does not do him wrong, and demands his “respect.” It is a song that has a very clear meaning she expects respects and she will respect you. The song was written during the civil rights movement and the women’s liberation movement.

My Generation recorded by The Who in 1965 is about rebellious teens of the era and how generations differ. It reached number two in the UK and it was number 11 on the Rolling Stones’ 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It shows how older generations are trying to put the younger generation down while criticizing their choices, ideas, etc. because they are new and different. As well, The Who is trying to say in his song that his generation is not any better or worse than anybody else’s. Its just different ways of living and people should not think that they are wrong; instead, they should live in a way that they are comfortable.

Brown-Eyed Handsome Man written by Chuck Berry in 1956. The song starts saying: “Arrested on charges of unemployment he was sittin’ in the witness stand…” Berry was watching a policeman trying to arrest an individual while he was walking. As the song continues he talks about Milo Venus who is an ancient Greek statue that lost her arms. He mentions that the reason she lost her arms was that “she fought and won herself a brown-eyed handsome man.” He finishes the song saying: “two-three the count with nobody on. He hit a high fly into the stand. Roundin’ third, he was headed for home. It was a brown-eyed handsome man.” Probably referring to a baseball game and the player winning home run, which Berry was a fan of.

Sweet Caroline is a song written by Neil Diamond that was officially released on September 16, 1969, as a single with the title Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good.) The song is about Diamond’s second spouse Marsha Murphey, who he married in 1969, however, later separated in 1995. He needed a three-syllable name to fit the tune and since her name ‘Marsha’ didn’t work, he used Caroline. The song is as yet utilized today in sporting events in the USA.

Tequila is a song recorded by Champs in 1957. The band was awarded the 1959 Best Rhythm and Blues Performance Grammy award for this song. The song became number one hit on the pop and Rhythm and Blues at the time of its release and continues to be to this day. It is a Latin rock and roll instrumental song, based on Cuban mambo beat. Danny Flores, a tequila drinker, played the saxophone for the band was the one that wrote this song. All throughout the song the writer talks about different brands of alcohol or drinks. He refers to his “drinking team” to the different brands of alcohol he was drinking that night.

My Girl by Temptations is a 1964 that became a number one hit in 1965. It was written and produced by the Miracles members Robinson and White. Robinson’s inspiration to write the song was his wife, Claudette Rogers Robinson. The song starts by expressing how the author feels to be in love and how happy he is that he has her. “My girl” can be any special woman that he has in his life, but in this song it is his wife. He continues by saying: “I don’t need no money, fortune, or fame I’ve got all the riches baby, one man can claim” meaning that he is very lucky with what he has by his side and he does not need anything else.

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