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Is There Anyone Out There?

Is there anyone out there? Does God really exist? It seems to be the hardest question to answer worldwide, even including that of just us. There are ample amounts of different cultures, religions, and traditions, yet we still question the existence of God. Is it fear that has just been passed down from earlier generations, or is there some higher power watching over our every waking moves? Are all these traditions, ideals and conformities justifiable?

If God does not exist, where did life and beginning of man all start? How were morals, respect, and for some fear, put into place and dictated throughout generations? “Thou shall not kill”, today this is an obvious statement, not one human can declare whether one’s life is worth living. Was this a statement that was forced because of morality intent or is it something that humans learned on their own? Given the fact that all humans have a conscious and if instilled with a norm-accepted foundation growing up, we are embedded with these “morals”. For instance, when an innocent child picks up a toy in the store and the parent lets them walk around playing with it as a distraction, so the parent could shop, what normally happens when the parent pays for groceries? The child does not think to ask the parent to pay for this toy, nor does the child think anything of walking out of the store with the item. “Thou shall not steal” this is when this “morale” would be enforced on the child. The child is taught that stealing is wrong, whether it continues to be explained as a religious reason later on is based upon what the parent wants to expose their child to. If God did not send down the ten commandments would any of this be a problem? It was at this point in time when “God” went up the mountain because all the people were abusing the rights of others and becoming so outrageously greedy and pessimistic the rules or laws had to be put into play so that’s when the believer of all came back with these “Commandments” for people to follow and see and appreciate what they had.

It can also be argued that if God is as powerful, and strong as declared in religion, then why would he let such things happen? Why would the all-powerful and great God allow one to take one’s life, or take someone else’s life? God is supposed to protect and love everyone equally and yet there are so many things going on in the world that aren’t sufficient. Rowes defends this argument by saying “An all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good being would not allow evil to be pointless.” This is not something many people disagree with, on the contrary this is probably the only thing that many of the different religion branches, as well as agnostic and atheist, agree on.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and always try to look at the bigger picture. However, in looking at the many changes and many horrors of todays world unexplainable tradegies, losses , illness, accidents what is one to think. Is it negligence, or hatred, or just out right hard luck?

Let’s take a look at the wild fires happening in California or the explosions that have happened within other countries, like France for instance. Ample of people dead from a tragedy that was out of their control. We are currently going through global warming, where our oxygen levels are decreasing drastically because of lack of trees. Why would someone that created us for a purpose in this world and is supposed to love and care for us just sit back and watch us destroy ourselves? A theory can be made that something more horrible then fires was supposed to be conducted in the forest, for instance, some of the people that were killed could be terrorist and were planning a bigger threat to the country. Rowe would argue this by saying “Goods beyond our ken: The good parent and the suffering child. We cannot deny that some good of which the child’s mind cannot even conceive may justify the parents in permitting the child to suffer.” Which is very justifiable: because of a parent’s love will never allow their child to suffer.

Now we can go onto argue about the up falls and downfalls of believing. For many religions you have to dedicate a portion of your life to worship and praying. One day out of the week you are to reside inside the place of worship, whether it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and praise the all mighty God. These religions will also go on to tell you that if you don’t believe, you will spend an eternity in hell. Pascals Wager discusses how beneficial it is to one’s well-being to just believe in the one called “God”. As a human time being given up for worship is miniscule compared to a life time of torture in hell. So why not just believe? Why not just give up a good chunk of your time to go and worship a being nobody has any physical proof is actually there? Is there anyone out there?

Many people believe that God is a reason for everything to exist. Although the “Big Bang theory” can be used, there was still existence before it. Planets existed, maybe other living creatures, one may never know. Aquinas defines the word “God” as “uncaused first cause” and goes on to say “If there is no first cause among causes, there will be no ultimate, nor any intermediate, cause. But if in causes it is possible to go on to infinity, there will be no first cause, neither will there be an ultimate effect, nor any intermediate causes; all of which is plainly false.” 

There is an infinite time line of how things came about. Not one thing can justify how something else occurred, it is ongoing. This must mean God has to be real in order for the universe to exist. There must be an explanation or reason for the existence of man, nature and animals. God needs to be true to the definition of his name in order to justify our existence. When a child is born, they are dependent on their parent. When their parents were born they were dependent on their parents, the cycle continues. As we go back in time onto the first human beings, who did they have to depend on? When did it all start? Where did it all start? Can it be justified that the first human existence on earth was able to take care of themselves without the help of a higher power? Religion goes on to tell you that god put Adam and Eve on this earth and gave them everything they needed to survive and prosper, they never had anything to worry about.

But who was Adam an Eve? I’ve heard stories about people saying they believe that we originally started on a different planet, that human kind already destroyed that’s why we are here. A capsule was sent to earth with Adam and Eve in it to start a whole new life over in. I also have heard theories about us being a science experiment from Extra-Terrestrials, they wanted to see how we would react on a planet all on our own. How it all started is to everyone’s personal discretion. The question still remains, is there anyone out there?

The scientific aspect of God’s existence is the fact that the earth itself has been determined to be placed at the exact and precise location for humans to exist. It is the right location for the temperatures to be for us to live and prosper in its element. It is just far enough away from the sun for us not to burn and yet close enough to the sun to keep us from freezing to death, how did this happen? How did the positioning of this perfectly sized planet come to be? We are still in awe of that fact and are searching the Universe to find if there is another planet with such capabilities. We all have question how or why are we here, with this in mind, with the simple understanding of this planet’s location, this could answer the possibility of a Higher being.

The waterways, and the brain and of course the whole human body, how did all these things come to exist? The waterways which contain some salt yet have been found to nourish us and the planet, to help with life to go on and complete the cycle of life for all.

Our brain which can be fed so much information, and decipher it and understand purposes of existence and how to survive. And lastly, but not least the human body, which has DNA in multiple mixtures and combinations for each one of us to be unique. How did this come to be?

Ever scientist and every agnostic every atheist, has many, many questions, they come to believe what they want to wander in their lives, for their own survival. Still, they have many unanswered questions for how we came to be. The scientists, the philosophers cannot fully without a doubt answer fully and completely all of the questions to cover one’s thoughts. The ones that carry these names with doubt, walk through their lives, never truly satisfied, never rested completely without that pesky question…Is there anyone out there?

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