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When Many Think Of Illegal Immigration

When many think of illegal immigration in the United States, they usually think of negative impacts of how our country has been impacted without taking in mind that there are other factors involved. Illegal immigration is said to be a threat to the U.S. now in days because of the people that greatly influence our country, such as the president, and elders that have different values and mindsets. For example, elders have experienced more and have been in this country for a longer time, which in turn has influenced their thoughts on certain issues that are now viewed differently in the eyes of the younger people. In other words, there are some that believe in old customs and beliefs because of how they were raised and who they were raised by. Moreover, illegal immigrants or immigration is said to be a threat to our country because the definition of illegal is when someone or something is not in accordance with the laws that the United States set for all to follow. All in all, illegal immigration is not a threat to the country because of the positive outcomes it brings and therefore the government should allow it but with established rules to make sure that the illegal immigrants and citizens of the United States will not be harmed. Illegal immigration benefits the United States economically wise, makes the American dream come true which helps advertise our country as being one of the bests and are less likely to commit crimes.

Illegal immigration makes the United States economically better by increasing demand and paying taxes. When immigrants come to America their main goal is to do well for themselves or their family. By being here in this country means that one should abide by the customs that were set, such as working and paying taxes. Many who are against illegal immigration believe that they do nothing but harm the country. On the contrary, according to an article, “Are Immigrants Good for the American Economy?” written by Brooke Binkowski, “Immigrants, no matter their background, increase the supply of workers. That’s what everyone thinks of, because supply increases, prices go down, wages go down — but they also increase demand, because they’re people and they buy things.” Meaning that although illegal immigrants do cause some harm in the economy, they make it up by bringing in more demand for supply and workers. Due to this increase, there are more job opportunities for other illegal immigrants and those who are born within the country. In addition, those undocumented pay a significate amount of money that goes towards taxes. In an article called, “Immigrants Are Makers, Not Takers” there was a study done in 2011 that showed that undocumented immigrants paid 11.2 billion dollars in state and local taxes, which helped with their finance. Furthermore, those that are undocumented and immigrants that are, pay for services that will not even benefit them. In other words, immigrants are paying to be situated here in this country no matter the cost and in turn benefits everyone else but them.

Not only does our country benefit economically wise from illegal immigration but it also helps prove that the American dream is as realistic as it is advertised. When immigrants come to the U.S. they come here for the American dream that is promised and many accomplish this dream in different ways. An example would be how many of those that are undocumented are most likely to own a home the longer they are here. According to an article, “The American Dream: How Undocumented Immigrants Buy Homes in the U.S.” this example was proven by research that was done in 2008, which specifically states, “27 percent of undocumented immigrants who lived in the U.S. less than 10 years owned a home.” According to the author of “The American Dream,” reasons immigrants come to the United States for the American dream include extreme poverty, lack of resources and the lack of opportunities that are not given in their home land In addition, because America is known to be the land of the free and promises the American dream, many find this the main reason to leave their homeland and come here for a better opportunity that is advertised.

Moreover, the American dream can have different meanings depending on each person. For some the American dream is doing the most that one can possibly do depending on whether one makes the right choices. For others, the American dream can be just living in the United States and surviving on what the person makes from his or her hard labor. In a recent study to see if the American dream still existed within the people of this country were surveyed and the results were that fewer than 46 percent of working class Americans believed in the dream. According to the authors of “Beyond Economics,” another 48 percent said that they did believed in it until a certain time in their lives when the realized that they found doing enough to live a moderate life was better. As for immigrants and family members of immigrants, they see the American dream as their most important task and goal that must be reached and accomplished.

Additionally, illegal immigrants make communities safer by not being part of crimes and maintaining good behavior. As we have seen our country grow and make new changes, we have also seen change in the type of people that influence our beliefs in ourselves and the people around us. We are constantly looking over our shoulders because of the violence that is occurring every second of everyday. Majorly of the time immigrants are blamed for these acts of violence that occurs because they see that since they are in this country illegally, which is breaking the law, then why will they not break the law again by committing another crime? However, what they do not see is that people who are undocumented are in this country we call home to make a better live for themselves and their families. Why risk everything they may possibly have when there is a chance that they will be arrested? In addition, they would also be charged for two crimes since they would be here illegally.

In an article called, “How Immigrants Make Communities Safer,” states that a study was conducted from 1970 to 2010, which analyzed crime data in 200 metropolitan areas, “found a reduction of almost five violent crimes per 100,000 residents for every 1 percent increase in the foreign- born population”. This means that crime decreased since immigrants have been here in the country. It is also proven in an article called, “The Criminalization of Immigration in the United States,” that the amount of crimes decreased about 48 percent since the population of people who are illegal immigrants increased from 3.5 million to about 11.1 million. This comes to show that people who are undocumented are not always bad people. There some that do cause harm to society but there is also people that were born in this country that have also negatively impacted the society we live in. We cannot be convinced easily that illegal immigrants are the only ones to blame for violence in our country, we need to think more wisely because being illegal does not mean that someone is a threat. All in all, illegal immigration has had positive impact on our society by not indulging in crimes that negatively affect someone or something.

Overall, illegal immigration benefits our country by promoting the American Dream more than the people born in the country do, secures safety in our society and helps the United States financially. There were many studies done in the past eighteen years that show that crimes in the United States are decreasing and good behavior is increasing. As for immigrants helping economically wise, we have seen an increase in demand which in turn has helped increase wages and create more job opportunities. Furthermore, illegal immigrants have come to this country for better opportunities that can only be found here. All in all, illegal immigration is no threat for the United States has only benefited more than they have or may lose. On the contrary the ones that suffer the most are those undocumented because they have more to lose.

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