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Generation Of Cheap Electricity By Using Water Pipe System

Generation of cheap Electricity by using Water Pipe System

Abstract :

Electricity is necessary and daily needed utility for everyone like oxygen. Every sector from residential to commercial consumes large amount of power for doing their job. Generally, power is produced form of energy which can be converted by Ignition of chemical element like uranium and also, we can generate energy by the use of natural resources like solar power, wind and water. Natural resources are available in unlimited quantity so researcher can be more emphasis on this resources that how can we more and more convert this energy sources to power. Pipe power system is small scale water energy electricity generation system with the help of micro hydro turbine and pico-hydro turbine. The size of turbine depends on flow and its distance of head. According to these parameters its classified in two type of turbine cross flow and axial flow turbine. These devices are used as a replacement of generator in remote area.

Keywords— Pico hydro turbine, propeller, cross-flow, model system, cost effective Introduction:

In this research article, I am going to describe about water power the immense source of energy. Since the ancient Egyptian to Babylonian used the energy in flowing water to run different machinery. We can generate energy by water through Tidal energy of sea, Energy by Hydropower plant at dam on river. Hydropower played vital role in making electricity a main part of everyday life. Along with this moving water via pipe at residential, commercial and agriculture sector also provide little extra energy. This is the short concept of water pipe to generating cheap electricity. In household water pipe volume and velocity of water flow rate is very low which need to use of special turbine that enable that quantity of energy to produce power. This case also need a good design of house to make objective practicable. It need enough distance between the storage tank and port of outlet.

(saver, 2015)

The basic concept of producing electricity by water is by using the pressure force present in moving water. Many people unnecessarily leave their water tap open which is one type of waste of resources. [Engineer Rasim Azeez Kadhim] So, my point is to be modified that waste water into another form of energy origination. If we applied particular regulated device that convert mechanical energy in to electrical energy then it will possible to develop small bit of electricity that can be used for running small electrical appliances of house like bulb, fan etc.

Day by day energy demand is increasing very fast because of growing industrialisation. So that it is mandatory to tap all the possible resource of energy from large quantity to small. There are very few availability of conventional energy sources such as coal, fossil fuel which are on track to finish in next few decades. Therefore, the non-conventional source of energy attracts the world with new hope of survival. Nowadays, research work is running of development of solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and other renewable source of energy. One more energy source that is still remained unknown or work happened on it at very low scale is potential energy present in stored water at overhead tank of multistorey building. These overhead tanks on building, residential house or commercial building used to store water which is transfer via pipe power system which contain inbuilt special device of MICRO HYDRO TURBINE GENERATOR SET and this set of machine convert the energy of water in to power which is store in battery by use of invertor.

Pipe power system classified under low head categories with very high velocity flow rate of water and it can produce power output up to 5kW. This device is mainly used in countries with high reproducible energy resources such as water. Some example countries which practice this system are India, Nepal, etc. [ Masjuri Musa & Othman].

A.A. Williams is developer of test rig for the turbine according to power output required to generate in which different bucket and blade shape were fabricated and produce by various country such as Europe, South Asia, North and South America. Test rig required in pipe power system turbine has been developed by H. Zainuddin. A team of SERI [ Solar Energy Research Institute] and UKM [University Kebangsaan Malaysia] has done a research on power output produce by low head and low flow rate of water to use the pipe power system. They fixed the head at fixed position and allowed different flow rate of water to enter through pipe they check this process for number of time till get the maximum output power has been produced. [Md Razali Ayob, Mohd Afzanizam Rosli, Safarudin Gazali Herawan].

Literature Review:

For generating electrical energy from flow water in pipe first thing that needed is most important is the appropriate pipe design through which the water is running. Pipe is design in such way and by material that it can be generate minimum friction to water so that water can achieve maximum speed and enough force. In year 2008, the biggest manufacturer of water transmission pipe company called northwest pipe company make relationship with Lucid Energy and approved permission from US Department of Energy. This collaborated company then design first lift bases turbine along with commercial lucid pipe hydropower system. (LUCID ENERGY, 2008) (SALESMAN, 2008)

List of component needed to build water pipe system;

Following are the equipment’s used for producing of electricity from the multi-storey buildings or house water pipe:

A pipe, having diameter up to 1 inch,

Suitable turbine,

Water pressure gauge,


Multi meter.

it need proper access to flowing water via pipeline of your house which is made of appropriate design. Most hydro turbines need at least a short distance of pipe to takes the water to the machine in very short time with maximum speed. The length of pipe varies according to the distance between the source of water and the turbine. The diameter of pipes may limit from 1 inch to 1 foot or more as per the requirement of power output, and must be enough length to handle the design flow. Friction inside the pipe change the output power so that in order to minimize these friction losses plastic in the form of polyethylene or PVC is the usual choice for the water pipe systems. An enough quantity of water must be available in storage tank available, which usually, but not always, means that hilly or mountainous sites are best place to get successive use of this system. Other considerations for a potential water pipe site include its power output, economics, permits, and water rights.

To see if a water pipe system would work for you, it will need to demonstrate the quantity of power that you can generate from the flowing water on site. This involves determining these two things:

• Head – Vertical distance between storage tank and outlet

• Flow — the quantity and speed of water

Pipe extracts very little head pressure per turbine, often 1-5 PSI. This unique feature allows the modular Pipe system to be placed in series, while allowing for uninterrupted water flow. Pipe does not need to be placed in a pressure transient zone or where extreme differential pressures are needed.

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