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The Largest Un(Documented) Case Of Stockholm Syndrome

The Largest Un(Documented) Case of Stockholm Syndrome

North Korea is notoriously one of the biggest perpetrators of human rights violations in the world. The state that North Korea is in seems as if it is getting worse. Reports of physical, mental and sexual abuse are not unheard of and appear to have become normalized. By choosing not to act and remaining passive, we are complicit in the danger North Korea poses to its people and democracy at large. North Korea uses extreme forms of coercion and intimidation in order to retain its authoritarian legitimacy, and a lack of response from the UN makes them equally responsible for the torture and deaths of countless of North Koreans. The first section of my paper focuses on the history of the Jun regime. The second part of my paper will delve into the several allegations against North Korea, highlighting some of the more gruesome crimes. The third section of my paper will give some insight on current North Korean events. The final section of my paper explains the reasons behind the UN’s hesitation, and its potential consequences (xxx)

Kim Jong-un became dictator of North Korea in 2011 as a successor to his father Kim Jong-il . Unlike his father, Jong-un has managed to implement a couple of economic and agricultural reforms. However, the poor quality of life continues in North Korea. In modern media, Kim is infamous for continued nuclear testing.

Not much is known about Kim’s early life. Kim Jong-Un’s exact birthplace and birthday are unknown. What is known is his lack of reluctance for purging just about anyone. Jang, Kim’s uncle, was purged from North Korea’s cabinet under the pretense of being arrested for treason. There is also another credible rumor that his uncle’s family was executed. His half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, long time critic of his brother and the long-withstanding practices of North Korea’s authoritarian government, was poisoned in an airport in Malaysa in (xxxx) of 2017. His clear emotional disconnect from even those one would think are closest to xxxx

According to the International Bar Association, an organization that has compiled a case against North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and his predecessors have violated ten out of the eleven human rights laws “stipulated in Rome Statute of the ICC adopted on 17 July 1998.” (citation). Some of these crimes, as noted in the ICC are: “(1) murder; (2) extermination; (3) enslavement; (4) forcible transfer; (5) imprisonment; (6) torture; (7) sexual violence; (8) persecution; (9) enforced disappearances; and (10) other inhumane acts.” (citation). The purpose of the article and case compiled is to encourage the UN, and other capable countries to thoroughly investigate and punish North Korea for its heinous crimes.

In this 124 page case, some of the more grotesque accusations include

1) “a prisoner [who] was raped by a security officer, after which the officer stuck a wooden stick inside her vagina and beat her lower body, resulting in her death within a week of the rape;

2) a former prison guard witnessed a prisoner’s newborn baby, most likely fathered by a high-ranking official, fed to guard dogs and killed;

3) a former North Korean army nurse testified that she saw multiple abortions performed by injecting Ravenol (a motor oil) into the wombs of pregnant women and that babies born three to four months premature were “wrapped in newspapers and put in a bucket until buried”6 behind the detention center.” (citation).

To make matters worse, the Kim dynasty does not discriminate age. Thousands of deaths have been reported these past seven decades. North Koreans from all ages, such an mentioned above, newborns, children who die of starvation, slightly older children who die from exhaustion from the intense labor they are forced to do, needless to say adults and also the elderly. Who don’t last very long in this environment.

North Korea denies any of these accusations, but concrete proof has been found, including aerial pictures of the camps and reliable interviews with North Koreans who have managed to escape the grasp of the Kim regime.

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