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Computer Virus


A computer virus is a program that spread to affect executable files or around the disk network hard drive and then making copies of itself. Some virus are not dangerous, others may harm data files, and others could break down the files. Simply the virus is a computer program that could do anything to other programs that its run and damage it. Viruses are transferred when people divide USB (Universal Serial Bus) or it could transfer from discs and any portable media that could be useful for Computers. Nowadays viruses could be found on the website or even in emails, it could spread through the massages. Viruses can be formed as a PDF file (Portable Document Format) many of them actually could be as a funny image or audio and video files. That’s what make the people should be more careful with their own private information that could exist on the hard disk. Computer viruses have a history also different types and effects on the computer’s data.


This section will mentions the first computer virus released and what happened next

A. First computer virus

Brain is the name of the first computer virus in history released in January 1986. Written by two brothers Amjad Faroog Alvi and Basit Faroog Alvi from Pakistan. The computer virus Brain didn’t actually has any effects, however Brain had made to scan the IBM PC , and make a copy of it by putting back the boot sector of a floppy disk . Also, the virus develops to check if there is any mistake could happen to the Disk Operating System. This varies made a lot of people develop a new computer viruses that is harmed and danger.

B. What happened after the computer virus Brain was released ?

After the computer virus brain was released, millions of new computer viruses have spread around the world. Most of these new viruses are dangerous which made our network world unsafe and harmful. However, the risk of these computer viruses is made by people who like to to steal personal information and destroy data are called hackers. The hackers made a set of dangers types of computer viruses this site does a lot of cost in our network world. That’s what makes the network world unsafe and harmful which is really bad for the society.


This section will discuss the types, and the most harmful computer viruses.

A. Types of computer viruses

There are a lot of types of computer viruses that is dangerous. One of them, is the Trojan horse which is the kind of program that is hiding a virus inside and harm programs that is working in the computer. In fact, a Trojan horse is running more than one program at the same time, which is affecting the work of the computer. Trojan horse could be found when people download a free software or attachment in the email messages. Another ,type is the internet worm virus that is spread across the network world by copying itself on computers . The worm virus steals information and data.

B. Most dangerous kind of computer viruses and their cost damaged

First, is computer virus called ILOVEYOU it is from a text email messages as a file this virus cost around 10 billion dollars damage . Second , is Mydoom virus this virus has cost a 38.5 billion dollars as second part of ILOVEYOU virus. Third, is a trojan virus named Zeus has stolen over 70 million dollars from banks. Last, a virus called Slammer this virus attack random IP address and ATM , cost 1.2 billion dollars of damage. Also, there are more harmful viruses have existed.


This section will describe the effects of computer viruses

A. The way of computer viruses to steal information

Computer viruses could do harm things to the computer and data for example stealing private information. Every day a lot of private information stolen by hackers, who create a virus that is designed to steal peoples’ data .

B. Computer viruses and their effects to hard drives

The danger of computer viruses cost a lot important data like the hard drives . One of these viruses is designed to erase or destroy computer hard drives. However, these damaged cost a lot of money, important data for big companies and people .

C. A kind of computer virus could stop, the computer work

There is a kind of computer virus that affect the power supply. This virus shuts down or stop the work of computer immediately without any warning .Also, this virus slows the computer which can damage some parts.

D. Damaged parts of the computer

Sometimes computer virus could destroy some parts of the computer. One of the parts called motherboard which is the most important part. This part is responsible for all the pieces of the computer. Conclusion

People should be more careful with their own data information. There are a lot of ways to protect the computer from virus . One of many ways is the firewall should be turned on all the time. This firewall protects your computer from hackers who might try to access your IP address and search for the important data to steal it or erase it. Another way to protect the computer from virus is to install a program called antivirus this program is a software designed to prevent attacks from other harmful programs. Antivirus could update automatically that what make antivirus a good way to protect . People should be more careful when they download anything from the website or open any email messages that is strange to prevent any hacker attack that could be dangerous. Also, to avoid any attack from hackers people should scan their privet computer from time to time this way is very helpful move against computer viruses . People should take care from any suspicions to prevent the danger of computer viruses.

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