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Thank The Attendees

Thank the Attendees

First, after the event ended. Part of the event planning should include finding a way to thank the attendees to express more memorable than the words “thank you”. The event team can use a portion of the event budget to find a personalized thank you letter that includes attendee’s contact information or trinkets. Michelin company can also consider sending an email to express the appreciation to the attendees. The same is true for the sponsors and suppliers, especially if the latter does extraordinary work. Because Michelin company maybe are likely to ask for their services again in the future, so take the time to send them personal gratitude, which will be very helpful in building long-term relationships.

Ask for feedback

While the event is still fresh in everyone’s mind, get their feedback about it. This will give the company a treasure trove of information about what worked and how the team can plan another better events. One of the most straightforward ways to collect input is to send out an email link to a survey that people can fill out online. And the email can also add some attracted things like free tickets to your next events, chance to win a gift card, and others. Let everyone fill out the same questionnaire and easily compare their input and spot trends and the areas that need improvement. Questions can include ratings on different aspects of the event, so companies can easily quantify the results. The company may also consider getting feedback from the sponsors and speakers in a similar manner, especially if they are likely to be a part again of the future events.

Follow up on social media

People will discuss the event and share their impressions in the coming days. The company can encourage people to ask questions on the Facebook page. Next, write a post to thank the guests, or answer the questions. If the company notices some particularly positive feedback, please contact these guests to request a more formal recommendation or endorsement. These may be a good marketing tool for future events because they come from real people who have experienced the event for themselves.

Have a post-event review

This is a very important session, sit down with the team for a briefing, where the event manager will discuss the progress of the event. Consider inviting at least some volunteers. First of all, these volunteers will inevitably have valuable opinions. Second, the event manager may want to ask them for help in the future. The main purpose of this meeting is to talk about how things went and what could be improved. First, the activity team can assess the success of the event based on the goals set by the company. Second, openly discuss what works well and what can do better next time. For example: If there is a problem, what are the main reasons behind them and how to solve them. Last but not least, let everyone be full of ideas and actively for the next event. This review meeting can provide companies and event teams with updated energy and many new ideas for testing in the future.

Send an Introductory Email

Before Michelin start trying to sell their new leads a product, they need to reintroduce themselves to public. Reminding them will give them the chance to remember this event and determine their level of interest in emails. Sending the introductory email before any other correspondence is also important for making sure that the company do not automatically receive a bunch of unsubscribes. If the company want people to stick around, so remind them why they were convinced to sign up for the list in the first place.

Provide Relevant Content

The next step that Michelin company will want to take is sending the leads relevant and helpful content that they can actually use. By showing that the company are interested in providing new contacts with information that they can use to boost their business, the company showing that they care about solving consumer’s problems, but not simply selling a product. Content marketing is an important step in the lead nurturing process because it gives the chance to create credibility with the leads. This newfound credibility will make it much more likely that they will want to invest in the company product or service.

Inform Them of Future Events

On the other hand, make sure that the company are keeping them updated on future events that company will be having and extend an invitation to them. Doing this not only gives the company another chance to train their leads, but it also helps company to determine who is interested in their product or service. But to some, following up after an event may seem unnecessary since the person already has the company’s contact information at their disposal. Some even see the entire event process as a waste of money. To ensure that the company event is profitable and successful, it is important to plan for the follow-up that should come after the event while they are planning for the event themselves.

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