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Before Starting Any Project There

Before starting any project there are some objectives that have to be set. If you set the objectives it is quite easy to plan your work If you don’t have objectives you can spend a lot of time on the things that are not related to your project.

The objectives of a construction project planning should be:

1. Proper planning:

Planning should be done before starting the project because the overall efficiency of your project depends on your planning. Planning of each and every activity is necessary and the details of planning should be considered carefully. Extent of mechanization, execution planning, and equipment planning all comes under the heading of planning etc.

2. Construction Methods:

Construction methods are also planned before starting the project so that the equipments that would be required in construction can be made available whenever they are required.

3. Selection of Construction Equipments and Machinery:

For the speedy and economical completion of a construction project proper selection of equipments and machinery is necessary. Planning and scheduling of equipments and machinery should be done before starting the project because the renting cost of the equipments varies construction cost greatly.

4. Planning for employee skills:

At some time during the construction you may be required skilled persons in order to execute that work but they are not required throughout the project, so proper planning of such type of things can reduce the cost of your construction.

5. Planning for required documents and drawings:

Construction projects are executed on the basis of drawings so it is necessary to make available these drawing at the time of construction on site so that the construction work would be done properly according to the drawings. Thus proper scheduling of the drawings and documents is required at the site for construction so that your project would not be delayed.

6. Financial Planning:

financial objectives are easy to put together. Through financial objectives you can make sure whether your project is going to make any money that is record in the project objectives.

2. Recognizing the importance of construction quality control, what steps do you suggest an owner take to assure delivery of a satisfactory facility?

Keeping in view the resources and social and economic conditions of a country and aiming to produce the maximum possible yield, quality control and quality assurance is of vital importance.

In order to satisfy the customer following steps should be taken by an owner or a construction company.

Proper team:

The Construction Company/owner/ Contractor which is responsible for quality control of the project are supposed to provide professional and skilled people that are good in training and have a experience of construction as well. All the matters regarding quality control will be reported to the client and site Engineer.

Proper Utilities:

The Construction Company/owner/ Contractor should provide proper equipment and machinery to carry out the site work.

Proper documentation:

The quality of materials and standard of workmanship should be controlled by the contractor on site by implementing a quality plan. The plan establishes the resources required and associated documents (lists, purchasing documentation, machinery, equipment, etc.) and the control activities.

Adequate training:

In order to improve the standard of workmanship proper instructions and adequate training should be provided .

Cost Estimation:

According to the material cost estimation should be satisfactorily.

3. Briefly explain the difference between construction utilizing a conventional construction contract and construction utilizing a construction management contract.

In conventional construction contract the owner first contracts with the consultant who is going to take all the responsibilities of project designing including detailed drawings, preparation of bid package, specifications and, in some part, for the administration and supervision of the work that is to be performed under the construction contract. Once the designing and the documentation of the project has been completed, the owner will retain the general contractor who is responsible for the construction work in accordance with the design of the consultant. Under this method the contractor is responsible for the construction methods and for the performance of subcontractors.

In construction management contract there is a construction manager, who takes the place of general contractor. In the construction management structure, owner contracts with the consultant for the preparation of design and the documents. After the design has been completed the owner contracts with the construction manager for the management of the project. The role of the construction manager under this contract is just as of the advisor and administrator. The construction manager will also administer the trade contracts. The construction manager is responsible for the creating the project schedule and in assisting the owner for the project budget. The owner relies on the construction knowledge of the manager.

The key difference between a conventional construction project and a construction management project is that the owner retains privity with the trade contractors and therefore retains the risk for ensuring their contractual obligations are fulfilled. The construction manager acts as the owner’s agent and is typically paid for the cost of its work together with an agreed fee. This structure means less risk for the construction manager, particularly in relation to defects and deficiencies within the subcontracted work.

4.Describe three specific construction applications of a personal computer that you believe would be valuable to a construction professional.


Now a days computers have advanced very much and with the emergence of powerful pc’s and internet the computer has become extremely useful tool for anyone. During the last years very rapid progress has been achieved in developing the advanced softwares and advanced tools. Some of the general are characteristics that are desired in computer are speed, accuracy, reliability, versatility and diligence.

1. Computer softwares:

There are a lot of softwares that are available in the market related to every field. They can be used for many uses like designing of structures, solving equations for optimization of resources tender bidding, virtual reality, earth-work estimation, cost estimation, project management, structural drawing model making and much more.

2. Satellite surveying:

Satellite surveying can be done using the computer. Usually satellite surveying is done for making maps and other projects. Without computers satellite surveying is quite difficult since most of the work is done by computers on board and in ground station.

3. Analysis of data:

As the computer can store huge data and with the aid of many softwares it can be analyzed and arranged and by using different types of input and output devices it can be fed in to and taken out from the computer.


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