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Ay “Connection” Play An Extremely

ay “Connection” play an extremely important role in the business world, so it is advisable to know not only how to present yourself, but also how to introduce others. Good working relationships are based on a good start. The way we present our colleagues, clients and bosses can gain trust, appreciation and admiration. A good presentation can ensure a future in business, on the other hand, mistakes can be the end of a business job that is ended before it started. (Bring Hub Project Management, 2016)

What we say in a certain circumstance actually outlines your presence there, our portrait seen through the eyes of others. If in private life we are think that others’ opinion about us is their job, in the business environment we cannot allow this luxury. It requires organization and confidence. The first and most important advice for a business meeting is not to go there unprepared. In the business environment, conversation is not just an art, it is also a powerful tool to help to pursue our goals. We need to know what to communicate, when to talk and how to participate in a conversation. No matter how tempting it is, we should try to avoid topics that are strictly recreational and have nothing to do with the theme of the meeting. If we open a subject, we should try to talk relaxed about issues that have at least a tangential connection with the topic of the meeting. It is recommended to say a joke, but the sense of humour is very subjective and there is the danger that someone may feel offended, even if that’s not your intention. A presentation should not take hours, because everybody has his job. It is always better to simplifies everything and set a time limit. Politest rules can also be very different depending on the cultural paradigm, and business environment is very sensitive to violations of these rules. (EMAZE, 2017)

When communicating across, not always what is suitable for our culture can be acceptable to other culture. By establishing areas for potential misunderstanding is the first thing to become more culturally aware. (Cholij M. 2017)

Some of the following areas are: in Romania, in the business world, the "ladies first" rule does not apply, at least not when it comes to presentations. The sex of the people presented is subordinated to the position. A greeting may be accompanied by a firm handshake and eye contact between men, ladies or men and ladies. It is usual to shake hands at the beginning and at the end of a meeting. Gender is not a power in business meetings in Romania. It seems that Romanian people do not ask first the marriage status when making presentations. In addition of that, most of Romanian people address with Mrs or Mr for the public that looks older than 18 years, while Ms and Miss for the ones that looks younger than 18. A very sensitive issue could be represented by corruption. Corruption can be designed to determine a person with decision-making power. Romanian people call it "attentions" and it is used to have an immediate effect on the speed with which their demands are solved at the administrative level. From this point of view, corruption appears as a defensive, mandatory strategy to nourish and dress your family. (C. Danilet 2009- Coruptia judiciara)

However, in Saudi Arabia gifts between business counterparts is not the normal. Although small gifts can be given when invited to someone’s home. Saudi businessmen usually wear the traditional thobe and shemagh. It is advisable that in this country a businesswoman covers their arms and legs. Women are not permitted to drive so most of the local businesses will be happy to send a car to pick them up and send a taxi. Handshakes with Saudi clients should be gentle and not firm, while handshakes with women should be avoided to prove your respect. Businesses conversations are usually polite, informal, friendly, and mostly start by questioning about family or weather. Though meetings should be arranged a few weeks in advance, they could also provide flexibility and meetings can be often cancelled. (Gov.Uk 2017)

Though in Saudi Arabia business meetings look to be strict regarding punctuality, the same seems to be in South Korea where it is not usual to cancel meetings without an unexpected situation. Whatever being few minutes late is acceptable. To prevent loss of face, South Korean people will avoid confrontation or will tell others what they want to hear rather than say “no”, they might say “I’ll try”. The gifts that are given at the beginning of the meeting has the purpose to build relationships and it has to be accepted with both hands and the same for receiving or presenting a business card. When a business cards are exchanged, it seems to be disrespectful for Korean people to put it away without reading it first. Part of a South Korea culture is not common to thank someone for holding the door or to apologise when bumping into someone. (Institute of export 2017 )

The impression that Norway leaves is that during summer, Christmas or Easter time, is avoided to plan a meeting because most of Norwegians people will be taking their holidays. The relationships created between associates has be very open and honest. Making business decisions will not create pressure for the client as he/she will be allowed to take the necessary time to do it. When inviting someone for a business lunch, dinner or drinks it seems obvious for Norwegians people that the person who made the invitation will pay the bill. (Hansen T. 2008 )

Compared with Norwegians, Australian people appears more up front and direct and they need a short standing relationship with the partner before doing business. When making any company decisions, everyone inside the organisation, regardless job position, will expect to be valued equally. They look not being afraid of saying no, furthermore they work together for the same goal which bring to the company productivity and profits. In the same time, they do not appreciate the “hard-sale” but the modesty and factual information. (Kwintessential 2016)

In conclusion doing business or business presentations in another country requires more than just a knowledge of the language or a good interpreter. To communication on an international level it is necessary to know the basic of business etiquette in the respectively country. Countries are different, people are different and making business means to adapt to any of those countries or the ones you want to do business with.

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