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It’s Been Many Years And Artificial

.It’s been many years and Artificial Intelligence has gone through many changes throughout the years as more advancements and discoveries are made. Artificial Intelligence helps support people with their study as well help them work efficiently because of all the tools it provides. As a millennial myself I have grown up with technology and have seen the way it revolutionized education. Artificial Intelligence brought us speed, accessibility, and greater knowledge. Characteristics like the ones mentioned above is what I constantly saw growing up with Artificial Intelligence from my earliest education all the way up to today as a college student.

I can wholeheartedly say that my first real exposure to Artificial Intelligence was in elementary school. I can still vividly remember the feeling of awe as we walked into the computer lab in a line and saw the rows and rows of computers. I couldn’t believe that we go to use these amazing devices that could do almost anything in my elementary understanding. As we sat down each assigned to one computer the teacher and lab assistant proceeded to explain the rules and the basics on how to use it. I was probably in second or third grade when I first walked into that computer lab. Everybody was amazed and kept making noises of awe while trying to follow the directions of the lab assistant. During the hour that we spent in the lab we played mathematical games that were so fun you completely forgot that you were learning at all. We had the computer read books to us individually and explore new languages from other countries and cultures. One of the things that amazed me the most was how quick we were able to look up everything. We didn’t need to wait weeks and go to a library to find a book. It was all at the tips of our fingertips on the World Wide Web or the more modern name the Internet.

Each class was able to use the computer lab for different reasons and as I continued to go up in grades I also became accustomed to the access of the computer lab. I remember when we reached sixth grade and they wanted to introduce the idea of research to us. My sixth grade year is when I realized that when it came to research, Artificial Intelligence was extremely important and how much it helped with the process. Artificial Intelligence has been playing an important role in my study and learning as long as elementary. As I reflect back on my exposure to Artificial Intelligence in elementary I know that technology has made many advancements since those years. We now have laptops that weigh very little with a fast processing capacity. Our smartphone are basically mobile computers that hold tons of information as well as process a lot of information. I think the future of technology based on my experience with it and the recent developments will only get faster and smaller in size as more people want devices that are more mobile and more accessible. The faster the companies make their devices to process data the faster the people will expect the next device released to be. They also expect technology to be able to do more and eventually do almost everything a human can do.

As I moved on to middle school and high school my exposure to Artificial Intelligence increased significantly. Both years of 7th and 8th grade were involved in the yearbook class and we were assigned with the responsibility of creating the yearbook for our entire middle school. We were assigned a camera and shown how to use the online program that helped us design and create the yearbook pages. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence we were able to access this program that helped us create and commemorate the memories of the students. Within this program we were able to edit photos and make collages. The program also allowed us to change the colors of the pictures and the sizes. You could add cartoon clip art and all sorts of other pictures from the internet to make the yearbook pages interactive and creative. During my 7th and 8th grade years I was really exposed to the capacity and potential that Artificial Intelligence has. Thanks to AI we are now able to accomplish millions of things that many people can only wish of. As I moved up to high school and began 9th grade our usage of computer focused mostly on writing essays and typing up assignments. I found myself using writing applications like google docs and pages to type up my assignments and essays.

Junior year is where Artificial Intelligence played a major role in my schooling. Junior year is the famous crucial year of prepping for college. Junior year is the year you submit your college applications and began writing your personal statement. I don’t remember using the computer as much as I did for my junior year. We spent most of our time completing any assignments for class and spent our spare time finishing the application. We would also use the computer to sign up for the SAT’s and to look up resources to study for the SAT’s. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence as high school students we had access to all the material and resources we needed to prepare our transition to college. As I think back to all the preparation that went into the college application process I realize now how much Artificial Intelligence does to help make the process easier. We no longer have to submit actual physical paper copies into the colleges or submit actually copies of our transcripts as well. Artificial Intelligence has minimized the paperwork and has made it accessible to anyone who can find access to a computer. My senior year of high school was entirely focused on waiting for the college acceptance letters and counting down the days for graduation. Due to how accessible AI makes college applications it was easy to keep track of my college applications and keep an eye out for any announcements the admission offices would make. People use AI all the time without actually acknowledging what an important role it plays in our everyday lives. I think technology will fit into education as an important factor that will continue to advance and make more things possible. The more technology advances the more educators incorporate it into the classroom and the educational learning process.

As the oldest of four I now see my younger siblings who tell me all about the technology they are exposed to in the classroom. My youngest brother who is kindergarten has computers in the classroom that proved educational games. My little sister who is in fourth grade told me she once had a classroom where each child was assigned an inside iPad for classroom activities. Based on these observations we can see that technology has started to be incorporated into the education of people at a very early on stage like preschool and kindergarten. As a college student now that has been exposed to technology in the classroom since elementary I have high hopes for the future of technology in education. Although the technology we have now has made my college experience a lot more accessible and easier to manage as a first generation college student. I know that the future technology will make the college experience for the generations to come even more accessible to the knowledge that the world has to offer. Writing this essay has opened my eyes to the realization of how heavily I rely on AI and how it has made my entire life easier in almost every aspect. I’m grateful to be able to be part of a world where Artificial Intelligence can provide us with almost all the knowledge we need to advance in our lives whether it be in the personal or professional aspect.

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