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THE WEB PORTAL FOR POLICE ACCIDENT CASE REGISTER AND DETAILS patient registered on hospital to doctors and case admin officer to Call or Sms For allocate Limits of police officer then start an investigation of proper and documents are systematically used for store all documents Explorers should be able to investigate a traffic accident, obtain witness and victim information, determine the cause and fault of an accident and properly fill out the state Accident Report form. Explorers should be able to properly clear the scene of an accident calling upon the necessary resources to actions of police officers. Traffic accidents are extremely confusing events. How they occur, who or what caused them, and why they occurred are facts that police must determine. Every peace officer must know the fundamentals of traffic accident investigation and know how to prepare traffic accident reports. Traffic accidents, resulting in personal injury, fatality, and property damage in the or greater require an on scene investigation. The State of Texas mandates all peace officers will use the state accident form for reporting traffic accidents to the Texas Department of Public Safety. If additional instruction/information is needed, contact the Bureau of Statistical Records, Texas Department of Public Safety.

Arrival at the scene the following steps should be taken upon arrival at the scene of the accident. While an route to the scene, the officer should obtain as much preliminary information as possible concerning the accident. Such information includes: Location, Time of notification, Who notified the officer and how, Weather and visibility conditions ,General information as to seriousness of the accident–injuries, hit and run, amount of traffic congestion, Whether or not additional support is proceeding to the scene, such as wrecker, ambulance, or additional Police patrols.

Take statements an questioning and taking statements of witnesses and victims should be done at the scene. If this is not possible, statements should be taken as soon as possible at the hospital, police station or homes of those involved. Names, number and contact address of witnesses should be noted on the accident report.


The police vehicle should be positioned so as not to cause further traffic congestion or accidents. If necessary, it may, however, be used as a roadblock. At night it should be parked so the headlights illuminate the entire scene. At all times the emergency lights should be on to warn approaching motorists of the hazard Care for injured and protect the scene The investigators should determine the extent of injuries, if any, to accident victims; render first aid; and request medical assistance, if necessary. Severely injured persons should not be moved, except to preserve their safety. The position of all victims should be noted for report purposes and, if on the road, the positions


Questioning and taking statements of witnesses and victims should be done at the scene. If this is not possible, statements should be taken as soon as possible at the hospital, police station or homes of those involved. Names, number and contact address of witnesses should be noted on the accident report. All parties should be separated when questioning them, but in a safe location like on the sidewalk, not in the roadway. Make sure the parties exchange names and phone numbers before leaving the accident scene.


A First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by police organizations in countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence, or in Singapore when the police receives information about any criminal offence. It is generally a complaint lodged with the police by the victim of a cognizable offense or by someone on his or her behalf, but anyone can make such a report either orally or in writing to the police. Investigating work of the police starts after an FIR is recorded


The All Reports Are fulfilled the Limits of police officer to stored a reports for all time to fetch a particular documents ,it’s not missed that documents for all reports and maintaining the police officer and list of accident in a year for all accident cases to suggest for Highway departments only important to landmark for Example College ,school etc for public safety should put speed break here ‘


In Background of the number of students are make Police Accident case Project register and details are Created in the Accident Case Project through reference This members are created Police Accident case investigation as all type of case events through spot accident area selection location an call to crash notifications police Toll free numbers used for people and Ambulance call toll free number people most used In India, there is no systematic approach , immediate police crash notification to date. To conduct on-scene inspections, the teams must reach the sites while scene evidence is still available. And try to Make a same accident case register project ,android app name as Accident Report current date and time ,vehicle name ,third party name to etc handle students this projects are very hard to handle Police officers belated coming for case investigate officers ,fake address are mentioned not identified in this site ,I am also follow the same concepts but implement technologies.


The web portal for police accident case register detailed on through hospitals for case admin officer to information an limits of police officer through investigate on patient or victim and any witness to report are send an head office to submit all accident register report patient report vehicle report ,place report ,drink and drive report stored for all documents in a head office…



In this Project are patient come to Government Hospitals through admitted doctor registered on hospitals and send a alert message or call to Limits of police officer and case investigation entire fully documents are registered to all reports generated to store a documents in head office

1.3.2 SCOPE:

The Scope of Police Accident Case register and details for online compliant and registration to internet software developed in doctor registered patient and after announcement a case limits of police officer to investigated are victim and patient any of these to all reports are maintaining the Stored head office


I want on talk about how widely applicable I think Project management is I am a big Believer in the power of project management .I know its limitations, but those limitations are reducing .ours is not static discipline, New Approaches and Enhancements come about all the time .Think about approaches like integration of project and change management. These Innovations and enhancements will continue .Yes, project applicability is not perfect, but with continuous improvement it gets better and better


This project achieves follows

These case as fully online complaint maintenance and reports Generated

Documents are stored in the head office

All Accident case investigate an limits of police officer

The Ability of Police worked for all case if investigations and police event to achieve is a blessing and a result of police efforts and their sacrifices and round-the-clock commitment. Their dedication is inspired by the wise thoughts and ideas of head officer.

Police Head office Stored All Documents The All reports and documents are maintaining the head office to store a large amount of data And take actions to decision for all limits of police officer Legal Affairs continues with its excellent performance for police


The Web portal for accident case Register to entire projects for fully reports are overviewed an reports


The Patient Are Injured an admitted hospitals and doctors for fulfilled the register documents to complaint actions for case Administrator officer are reports generated.


The Current Place and Date and time Reports to investigate to make generated for a police place report


A if a person is driving drunk and makes it home and into their house without causing any collisions or committing any additional crimes, then police would not be allowed to enter the home and make an arrest for drunken driving.


The Vehicle are through put hit a vehicle for damaged vehicle to include a vehicle damaged to fulfilled the reports


The All type of case include murder ,kidnapping ,hijacking etc in this type of case to handle all reports to investigate fulfill the acquits name crime to written document officers are generate a documents for reports, All criminal records are stored in a file To add any new record ,record file is used When other police station require any criminal information at that time they need to call that police station There are many drawbacks like time consuming, require more man power Citizens cannot get the information and the current status of the of all city’s


First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by the police when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence. It is a report of information that reaches the police first in point of time and that is why it is called the First Information Report


2.1 PHP

The front end is an interface between the user and the back end. The front and back ends may be distributed amongst one or more systems .In network computing, front end can refer to any hardware that optimizes or protects network traffic. It is called application front-end hardware because it is placed on the network’s outward-facing front end or boundary. Network traffic passes through the front-end hardware before entering the network. In compilers, the front end translates a computer programming source code into an intermediate representation, and the back end works with the intermediate representation to produce code in a computer output language. The back end usually optimizes to produce code that runs faster. The front-end/back-end distinction can separate the parser section that deals with source code and the back end that generates code and optimizes.

These days, front-end development refers to the part of the web users interact with. In the past, web development consisted of people who worked with Photoshop and those who could code HTML and CSS. Now, developers need a handle of programs like Photoshop and be able to code not only in HTML and CSS, but also JavaScript or jQuery, which is a compiled library of JavaScript. Most of everything you see on any website is a mixture of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are all controlled by the browser. For example, if you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox, the browser is what translates all of the code in a manner for you to see and with which to interact, such as fonts, colors, drop-down menus, sliders, forms, etc. In order for all of this to work, though, there has to be something to support the front-end; this is where the backend comes into play.


PHP Syntax

You cannot view the PHP source code by selecting ‘View source’ in the browser ‘ you will only see the output from the PHP file, which is plain HTML. This is because the scripts are executed on the server before the result is sent back to the browser.

Basic PHP Syntax

A PHP scripting block always starts with ? php and ends with ?. A PHP scripting block can be placed anywhere in the document. On servers with shorthand support enabled you can start a scripting block with ? And end with ?.However, for maximum compatibility, we recommend that you use the standard form (?php) rather than the shorthand form. A PHP file normally contains HTML tags, just like an HTML file, and some PHP scripting code.

2.3 HTML

HTML or HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE is the standard markup language used to create web pages. HTML was created in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in Switzerland. It was designed to allow scientists to display and share their research.

HTML is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of tags enclosed in angle brackets(like ). HTML tags most commonly come in pairs like and , although some tags represent empty elements and so are unpaired, for example . The first tag in a pair is the start tag, and the second tag is the end tag (they are also called opening tags and closing tags).

The purpose of a web browser is to read HTML documents and compose them into visible or audible web pages. The browser does not display the HTML tags, but uses the tags to interpret the content of the page. HTML describes the structure of a website semantically along with cues for presentation, making it a markup language rather than a programming language.

HTML elements form the building blocks of all websites. HTML allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create interactive forms. It provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. It can embed scripts written in languages such as Java Script which affect the behavior of HTML web pages.

HTML is descriptive markup language. Library of various markup languages is defined in various browsers.

HTML 5 HTML5 will be the new standard for HTML. The previous version of HTML, HTML 4.01, came in 1999. The web has changed a lot since then. HTML5 is still a work in progress. However, the major browsers support many of the new HTML5 elements and APIs.HTML5 is cooperation between the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). WHATWG was working with web forms and applications, and W3C was working with XHTML 2.0. In 2006, they decided to cooperate and create a new version of HTML.

Some rules for HTML5 were established:

a) New features should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript

b) Reduce the need for external plug-ins (like Flash)

c) Better error handling

d) More markup to replace scripting

e) HTML5 should be device independent

f) The development process should be visible to the public.

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