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Essay About Myself

Essay #1

Since I was young my parents have always taught me right from wrong. Going to school you are taught the principles of what is expected in regards to behavior expectations and academic standards. There are standards in our everyday lives that we live up to whether they have been created from ourselves or the society we are in. We grow up in this society where everyone lives by a universal code that allows us to be connected with others. If we were in this world and did not believe in a universal code we would probably not be connected with the people around us. I would say there is a definition between right from wrong as you would not just kill someone. Killing, for example, would be considered as doing something wrong. It is illegal and should not be justified in this world as the right thing to do in any situation. I believe that cultures and religions do impact everyone’s definition in regards to what they may consider right from wrong. I believe that there is a universal definition of right and wrong but every person may perceive right and wrong differently.

I believe that perceptions and point of view affect the meaning of what people may consider right and wrong. I consider ‘right’ when something positive happens or you achieve something that has a positive outcome in this world. It is difficult to define right in regards to society because we all have different interpretations of what doing the right thing means. However, people may think they are doing the right thing in regards to a situation depending on how they view it and how their culture has made an impact in depicting whether it is the correct thing to do, but there is a universal definition of what is right and wrong due to the laws that govern the world.

I would consider ‘wrong’ as doing something negative or having an effect on people around us negatively. If it is not helping you become a better person or helping others learn or grow then it probably is not going to benefit the world we are in. As we come into this world, we are put to have an effect on society and accomplish things that will help us and others do better. Although, we are all different and unique in our own ways I would say that we all have a purpose in this life and we all have an ultimate goal of becoming better and having a greater potential effect on the world.

As time goes on, the culture and society we are in changes as we adapt to new things. During ancient times, religion was a big part of people’s lives and still is for some people today. The purpose of the Ten Commandments was to give us a base as to what the ethical standards in the world should be. I believe that the Ten Commandments have had a big impact on defining right and wrong. For example, the first commandment, “you shall have no other gods before me” refers to loving God and not having other idols, and even though people from different religions may have a different god the commandment would still apply. During their time, people used the commandments as a response of the behavior and standards that were expected. I would say that the universal definitions of right and wrong are defined in the commandments. There are people who choose to do certain things which then rely on having consequences. Even though, some people may not be religious they know what is considered ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in this world. I would agree that not everyone is religious and some of the commandments make little to no impact on their view of the world. However, I think that having the Ten Commandments as the historical context has shaped the world into what it is today. The Code of Hammurabi is a written code that contained a collection of 282 rules and established standards that has also served as a basis for the laws that govern the world. I would say that both of these historical documents have made an impact in the world because it has allowed people to make laws in our country using them as a foundation.

In this world, you can either become great or do nothing. As we progress through the years, there are many things that have changed, including cultures. Since laws have also changed throughout our time such as equality and racism people have had a greater impact in applying the laws to be universal. By being able to interact with others and express our beliefs with one another we have evolved with different cultures. Diffusion has definitely been an impact in this world. Diffusion is defined as the transfer of ideas between cultures.

From the moment people are brought into this world they grow up being disciplined through standards. If there were no standards that were defined as what is meant to do ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ thing the world would fall apart. Parents teach their kids these standards and even schools have disciplines that children need to follow. Though we are all different and have different beliefs when it comes to a certain situation we all know what may be expected of us regarding our morals. Having these universal values allows us to make decisions in situations disregarding the perspectives we may have. Having the Ten commandments and The Code of Hammurabi, have served as a foundation to create laws in our country in order to make choices that will have a great impact on people and enhance the world we live in. As a community, people come together to put their differences aside and join their ideas together to make the world a better place. I know that people may perceive things differently, but we all know the rules in this world of what is acceptable due to the standards and laws in our country that have shaped the world into what it is today.

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I’m a freelance writer with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Boston University. My work has been featured in publications like the L.A. Times, U.S. News and World Report, Farther Finance, Teen Vogue, Grammarly, The Startup, Mashable, Insider, Forbes, Writer (formerly Qordoba), MarketWatch, CNBC, and USA Today, among others.