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The Year Is 813 A D Erica Live

The year is 813 A.D., Erica live a simple life surrounded by family. Her mother fell ill and passed away just short of her 16th year of life. As a farmer’s daughter and only remaining family to her father, she has spent the last three years attending to her father and his house performing many duties. One of these duties included going out beyond the village through the woods into the meadows to collect wild herbs that were needed for cooking.

However, news has travelled amongst the countryside and reached her village of great dragon boats with Norsemen who have raided, killed, and taken many women from villages. The magistrates and kings armies can not seem to stop them. So she has been warned not to leave the village without someone accompanying her.

The day came when she was needed to collect herbs. As instructed sought out to find an escort. Fortunately, a handsome although arrogant man heard her request and accepted the duty. Probably to look good to the three other maidens that flocked around him. As, he approached he takes her hand and bows kissing the back of her hand softly and says in an arrogant but charming way, I am Robert, that is if you haven’t heard of me. It would be an honor to escort you to the meadows. Fear not I will protect you and bring you safely home to your family.

The two of them set out, and along the way she stop to let her father know she have an escort as he had requested.

She noticed along the way through the forest to the meadows, Robert’s gaze starting from her feet and slowly up to the flowing dress the hides her strong and curvy legs. His gaze continues to her plump curvaceous bottom and unlike the other women that flock around his arrogance, he notices her wider hips and the way her body has a very arousing lure and how her bosoms playfully bounce as she moves through the terrain. Suddenly, he notices that she have caught him gazing upon her and looks around and says, Wonderful day for a stroll through the woods. So, far nothing to fear.

She looked back once more and notice Robert seems to be aroused by the looks of the bulge in his trousers. This is something most of the other women have spoke of. But, she never thought anyone looked at her and had that happened. Maybe, he will try something. Then she will understand what the others have spoke of when it comes to the intimacy of a man’s touch. The mere thought of it has caused her nipples to harden.

The two of them enter into the meadows and he comes closer and asks if he can assist her in any way as she knelt down to pick one of several herbs she needed. Erica just casually looked up and said, Well, I am not sure what you can do for me but I have noticed you have a growing need of attention. He looks down and blushes while saying, Sorry, something about you that I have never noticed until a little bit ago. You are very beautiful and attractive.

Erica continues to gather herbs and can occasionally feel his strong hands graze her bottom. She notices the clouds are beginning to move in and suggests heading back. As she stands up he steps forward grasping her bottom with one hand and chin with the other and leans forward to kiss her. Suddenly, they hear the alarm bell ringing and then what sound like a horn blowing not to far from where they both are.

They both start heading back, as they enter the woods a strange looking man with long hair and a short beard wielding a round shield and an ax steps out of nowhere. Without any notice swings his ax and splits Roberts head open. Robert dropped to the ground dead, the impact to his head sent splatters of blood across her face. She turns to run, but slips and fall face down onto the ground.

She screams out and suddenly is silenced by something that is stuck into her mouth as she feels someone or something straddle her pinning her down where she had fallen. She feels her hands being bound behind her back and then she is rolled over to face her aggressor. His face is well defined and sun tanned. His blue eyes are bright as a blue sky on a sunny day. His hair is a light to dark brown, long and wavy. He has a short but thick goatee. He appears to be slender and muscular in just the right balance that no one would expect at first glance.

He looks down at her and grins as she struggles. He runs his finger over her face and through her hair. Then leans in and licks the side of her face from chin to forehead and giggles as she struggles and whines. He then slides back and stands up lifting her to her feet and turns her to face away from him and in a soft voice he says into her ear, Hlaupa!

Then let’s go of his hold on her but leaves her mouth gagged and hands bound behind her. Not understanding what he is saying, but feeling him release her. He says it once again and nudges her forward. So, she begins to walk forward across the meadow away from her village and him. Besides hearing the scream and wails coming from the village, she realized he wasn’t following her. At this point, she begins to run as fast as she can fearing for her life.

She makes it farther than she has ever gone across the meadow probably half way before tripping and falling to the ground. After a while she hears someone or something getting closer. She struggles to get her hands free, but before she can a shadow casts over her. Looking up she sees it is him and he has a smile on his face.

She attempts to kick him but he catches her foot and holding it up he drops down and grabs hold of her other foot. Then raises them both over her head with one hand which causes her dress to fall towards her stomach exposing the soft furry garden that covers her pussy. Then slowly with his other hand he caresses her plump mound and allows his fingers to spread the folds of her pussy.

Now, she is even more terrified no man has ever seen or touched her there before. She struggles and screams as much as possible through the gag in her mouth in disapproval and fear. He lowers her legs down as his hand leaves her soft mound and he straddles her legs holding them secure beneath him and stares into her eyes. Then his gaze goes down to her heaving bosoms.

He then pulls out a large knife from his belt and gently rubs the flat of the blade across her cheeks, which causes her to ease her struggles in fear of being cut. He then slips the blade down her chin and allows the tip to softly scratch down her neck and between her bosoms. And in one quick movement she hears the material of her dress ripped apart and the cool air hits her now exposed breasts causing her nipples to harden and breasts to perk up. The emotions she is feeling at this moment are fear, disgust, and violated.

He then thrusts the blade into the ground inches from her head. Then he uses his hands to tear away the remaining clothing covering her body exposing her flesh from head down to where he is straddled over her legs. His hand then move up from his legs up her thighs to her soft plump mound, grazing her clit as they move up her stomach to grasp hold of her breasts. Again, struggling in disapproval but as his hands massage her breasts she start to become aroused.

Her whimpers of fear and disgust turn to slight moans of pleasure. Soon he leans forward and begins to suck on her right breast. His tongue circling around her nipple while he suckles her breast. She feels a sensation she has never felt before and it felt great. The disgust and fear turned to pleasure and desire and her moans became more frequent as he moved to the left breast not once has his hands stopped massaging both of her breast.

Suddenly, she feels the pleasure increase and something building up causing her pussy to tingle. Just as fast as it built up it was gone but felt amazing and she can feel her pussy has gotten wet. At this point he has begun sliding his hands down her slides to her hips. He raises his head from her breast and slowly slides down her legs.

She is curiously scared of what he is going to do next. She had dreamt of Robert being the first to see her naked and to take her purity. However, this experience has been amazing so far, so she decided not to fight him off plus the knife and ax he has close he could kill her as he did Robert.

He holds her hips firm and maneuvers his legs between hers, spreading them wide enough that he is between them. Noticing that she is not struggling to escape anymore he releases his hold on her hips. His hands slide down and caresses her soft flesh just above her pussy. And using his thumbs massages down the outer lips of her now wet pussy.

Occasionally, causing them to part and expose the untouched crevice that is glistening with her juices of excitement. Then rubbing across her pleasure bud causing her to moan approvingly. After a few more passes he slips a finger between the petals of her flower and caresses her rosebud till her moans get louder and heavier. Soon she feels that build up once again but this time it’s more intense as her back arches and hips begin to grind her clit across his finger and she orgasms.

Then she again slips into a feeling of pleasure, relaxing, and energized state. She can feel her juices start to trickle down across her asshole and between the cheeks as the feeling of his finger slips down to the crevice of her wet flower. Suddenly, she feels a slight pressure and a little pain as his finger slowly penetrates her opening. Her pussy is much tighter than he must have expected because he slowly removed his finger and replaced it with another.

This finger was much smaller and less painful as it penetrated the opening and slid in and out. Eventually pain and pressure turned to pleasure and after a while she felt him replace the smaller finger with the larger one. The feeling was amazing and Erica wanted more. However, her movements caused him to stop abruptly and he pulled his finger from her tight wet hole and he began to raise her feet up over her head and grabbed her ass raising it off the ground and he lowered his mouth to her wet mound and began to lick it.

His tongue caressed the lips and across her clit several times. Then slowly he licked from her clit to the crevice and down to her asshole, which surprisingly felt great as it caressed the tight puckered hole. Then he licked back up and his tongue slipped inside her pussy a few times before circling her rosebud, causing her to orgasm again. Just as the intensity of the orgasm settled he flips her over face down in the grass with her ass in the air and knees firmly planted on the ground.

Then she hears and feel him moving around behind her and watches as he pulled down his trousers and released his hard cock which looked five times thicker and a bit longer than his fingers. He stood up on his knees, positioned himself placed one hand on her lower back and the other around his cock and he slowly slid it back and forth across the inner area between her pussy’s lips. She could feel it rub her clit and the wet crevice causing it to get wet.

Then slowly he pushes the tip into the opening. She feels the pressure and some pain as he pushes it in. Soon he has slid it all inside her. She can feel his flesh against her ass cheeks. He grasps her hips with one hand and bound hands with the other as he slowly slides his cock almost all the way out of her pussy. Then begins long hard thrusts in and out of her pussy using his grip on her hands and hip as leverage.

The pain ceases and the pleasure kicks in with such intensity that she feels the orgasm start and before it ends it starts again. Her moans begin to ring out as his thrusts caused the gag to come out of her mouth. After a while he begins to slow his thrusts and he stops with his cock still inside her. Then he releases his hold on her hands and hips leans forward and suddenly she feels her hands fall free.

Then his hands grab hold of her hips and his cock slips out of her pussy and she feel a new pressure and sharp pain as his hard cock forces it’s way into her tight ass slowly but definitely it buries itself deep inside her bottom. She screams out in pain and discomfort as he thrusts into her ass as he did with her pussy. However, this time she is not bound and noticed during one of the thrusts his knife is within reach and she can escape and kill him. She hears him begin to moan so she holds off and endured the pain which is becoming quite pleasuring that for a moment she hesitates and she feels a gush inside her and hear his moan and grunts as his thrusts begins to stagger. Just as she grabs for the knife she feels the most intense orgasm of them all and this time she collapses and pass out, just missing grasping the handle of the knife by a few inches.

The waters were choppy and tossed the long ship from side to side but the winds had caught the sails. She awakens as the salty cold waters splash up and runs down her face. She realized she is on a boat and her hands and feet bound but she is wrapped in furs. She looks out and see many of these Norsemen aboard and a few other women from her village, but they are not wrapped in warm furs, instead they are in their clothes but their clothes have been reduced to rags.

Looking around she notices the man who took her. He appears to be in charge of this boat and the men aboard. He notices she is awake and comes to her. Well rested? He asked in a very crude english. With a bit of confusion that she understood what he had said, she nods her head yes. He smiles and turns back to what he was doing before. She remains silent for the duration of the trip.

It was early morning when she wakes to the sounds of the horns again. She looks around and notices there is mountains along the water’s edges and soon she sees a beach and a dock where many people and children have gathered as the boats come in. The Norsemen begin unloading the spoils of the raid including the women and children.

Once all have been unloaded he comes to her and picks her up and carries her to shore and into a large structure where everyone appears to have gathered. He sets her down on her feet and says something to another man sitting on what appears to be a wooden throne. The man is stern and argues with him, then he turns and carries her away to a small hut kicks the door open and takes her inside. He puts her down in a small room with a large four posted bed and removes the furs from her and cuts her bindings.

She then realized she is totally naked. He turns his back to her and walks over to a chest. He opens the chest and removes something from it, turns and tosses it at her. It’s a simple white dress that appears to be her size. She puts it on and before she has the chance to say or do anything more he stands in front of her and puts a leather collar around her neck and secures it on her. Then looks into her eyes and says crudely, come eat! He walks out of the little room and gathers fruit and bread then sits at the table to eat and drink. He talks to her in his language and shows her things as he speaks, soon she finds herself understanding him more.

By sunset whatever she was drinking is starting to make her drowsy and before she knows it she is sound asleep. Morning comes and she awakens in a warm bed covered in furs and from what she can see he is asleep in the other room on the floor. This man doesn’t seem to be as barbaric as she was told. She decides to return his hospitality and move the furs to the side and starts to get out of bed when she feels a tug at her neck and he wakes up abruptly.

Startled, she explains she wants to cook for him and without realizing it she spoke clearly but in his language. He sat up untied the rope from his ankle and approached her and untied the rope from her collar. He then says, eggs and points to a basket on the shelf. She has pretty much learned where everything is so she makes him eggs and a few other things. Then set everything on the table for him. He says, sit, eat with me. Afterwards, he gets up and leaves her in the hut alone and goes off into the woods.

After awhile she decides to explore this new place and leave the hut. Soon she realizes that wasn’t a good idea and she is attacked by a few of the men in the village causing her to scream out. And before the men had a chance to violate her, he appears behind them and places his knife at one of the men’s throats and says, she is mine as shown by the mark on the collar. If you do not wish to see helheim leave her be. they both release her and walk away. You are very lucky I was close. You must not be unattended. I have something for you at home, come He said.

Upon returning home she finds he has brought vegetables, rabbits, and some herbs. Then he says, Take care of these for tonight, you shall meet my son. He then leaves her once again. She gathers the items and begin prepping to start cooking the meal using what he has brought and a few other things that were available around the house. After a few hours of prep she begins cooking and the house quickly fills with the alluring scent of a delicious rabbit stew.

That evening he comes home to find the table set and the stew simmering over the coals of the fire pit. The aroma was appetizing. A fresh loaf of bread sitting off to the side next to the mead. She worked hard to prepare everything to make him happy that she fell asleep and did not know he had returned. He sits down next to her and softly caresses her hair down the length of her body. His touch wakes her but his caresses calm the fear that initially kicked in from being awakened. She then smells the food and jumps up to tend to the meal

Soon there is a knock at the door,his son had arrived. He looks much like his father, long light brown hair, eyes as blue as a summer clear sky day, muscular and scarred. He looks to her and takes her hand and kisses the back of it and says, I am Bjorn, pleasure to meet you, Da did not described the beauty he saw in you. Dinner smells wonderful.

After dinner, the three of you drink, Bjorn and his father talk and tell stories.and he can’t seem to keep his hand off of her, and Bjorn gaze upon her becomes a little arousing. She asks to be excused as she is becoming drowsy and very uncomfortable and wishes to go to bed.

He takes her in and lays her down. She falls into a deep sleep a short time later. She awakens suddenly as she feels his hands caressing her feet and up her legs. When she opens her eyes she notices she is naked. He is at the foot of the bed between her legs and naked as his hands caresses her. She attempts to close her legs and reach down to cover herself, but realize her hands and feet are bound. In her struggles she notices Bjorn sitting across the room from her just watching and adoring the beauty of her every curve.

He has his father’s grin, and she notices he is not naked which at this point is a relief. Her focus returns to him as his hands have gotten closer to her plump mound as he has moved onto the bed. She looks into his bright blue eyes and down his chest. Her eyes continue to survey him and he bares no hair around his manhood which seems even larger than before. She begins to struggle again even though it’s not helping her. His hands graze her mound causing her to moan.

Then they move out across her thighs as his head lowers down and she can feel his warm breath across her bare pussy. She attempts to move away and begins to beg him to stop, and he raises his head and look over at his son and says, quiet her! Then looks to you and says, you will learn not to speak until asked to do so. He then lowered his head again and she could feel his warm breath and then his tongue as it slowly caressed her flower’s petals. His touch feels good.

Then as she looked away from his head she sees Bjorn walking closer and he has stripped his clothes from his perfect body and his manhood is just as large as his father’s. Her mind races as he approaches and the pleasure that his father’s tongue is causing. Just as he climbs on to the bed over her head she climaxes from the attention her pussy is getting causing her to moan out louder only to have Bjorn’s cock slide into her mouth.

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