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The Song I Choose Is Man In The

The song I choose is Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is a singer, song write and a dancer. He was known as the king of pop. He was one of the most significant and inspirational artist of the 20th century.

Man in the Mirror was released in 1988. It was part of his album bad in which was released in 1987. This song had peaked in the top charts in the US and in the UK. It was in 2009 when Michael Jackson sadly passed away. This caused the song to re enter the charts and become the best selling song on iTunes in the US and UK at the time. This song was dedicated to a five year old boy in Japan who was kidnapped and murdered in 1987. Not only did he dedicate this song to him but also dedicated concerts to him. Michael Jackson had one specific meaning in which he was trying to influence and portray. It was that if you want to make a change in this world that it would have to start with you first.

In this song there is a lot of instrumental all throughout it. When the song starts you can hear he starts off with the playing of a synthesizer and a keyboard. These two things really bring a relaxed feeling and smooth beat leading up to the song. You can also hear just before the start of verse 1 a snapping sound in the background. The snapping sound really help keep a steady beat for the song. When the first verse come around he continues with the synthesizer and the keyboard. But toward the end of the verse on top of the keyboard and synthesizer he adds vocals in the background. These background voices really bring out his vocals. Then come the chorus. In the chorus its starts off with the synthesizer and keyboard. Then a guitar transitions into it. Afterwards comes the second verse. In this verse the instruments are playing much louder. These instruments replay all throughout the song after the second verse.

There are specific lyrics in this song in which really bring out the message. At the beginning of the song in verse 1 Michael Jackson says ‘’ I’m gonna make a change for once in my life’’ with this lyric Michael Jackson is talking about himself and stating that he is looking into himself and seeing whats his flaws are and what he can do to change himself for the better.

Another lyric in which is mentioned in the chorus was “Im starting with the man in the mirror, i’m asking him to change his ways and no message could have been any clearer if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change’’ with this when he says man in the mirror he refers to all of us. he still realizes that he needs to start with himself when changing. But that he also starts realizing that to put his message across everyone needs to change and with that when everyone is thinking the same they will have a bigger influence towards others.

Michael Jackson also says in verse 2 “ Ive been a victim of a selfish kinda love, its time that I realize there some with no home, not nickel to loan, could it be really me pretending that they’re not alone. With this lyric he’s comparing his lifestyle and the people who are poor lifestyle. He also mentions with this lyric that with this it has made him realize the struggles the poor people go through. It also made him think that all this time he has been so naive to there situation that now its time for him to change and for him not to be naive to these situations.

During the bridge Michael Jackson says “cause when you close your heart(you cant), Then you close your mind(close your, your mind) When he says this he’s talking about the people who think about themselves as people who aren’t good enough to change the world. But he also says that if you believe in yourself you’ll be able to make great things happen in the world.

One final lyric in which he says in his song is at the Outro. Michale Jackson says “ Make that change” This lyric is one of the most power lyrics in the song. This is him saying that even if you don’t have confidence you can still change the world. By starting by changing yourself and then by spreading the word with everyone else you’ll be able to do great in life.

This song relates to society in many ways….

The song relates to one thing in particular. In our society nowadays there a lot of people who aren’t confident enough in themselves to speak out on something in which isn’t right. But there is also some people who know the about the consequence of speaking out but do so anyways because they want to make a statement. A great example of this is was in 2012 when a Pakistani girl called Malala stood up for women rights to be educated. In which herself and her friend were on a bus on there way to school when a gunman tried to assonate her and her friend. When this story spread around the world it had many people shocked, but it also had made tons of people realize that not everywhere people live there conditions are good and they have an education. This act had spread the word she was trying to spread and it showed that when you believe in yourself and what to speak out even when there might be consequences there will most likely be good in which comes from it. This act had showed people who weren’t confident in themselves that theres always good to come from speaking out on in justice situations.

This song also has related in a way…

When hearing this song and figuring out the message it really made me relate to myself. It made me relate to one thing in my life. To when I was playing soccer and the ref had made a bad call in which afterwards I had proceeded on going to speak to him because I had found it un justice. With me going up to him and yelling in his face, it had made him realize his fault and had change the call and they way he would ref from that day on.

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