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Technology Is Changing Our Lives

Technology is changing our lives, our way to live, to study, to communicate, to work is changed. There are important points to take in consideration when we discuss technology: “Is this fast increase and development of technology helping us and our future generation or not?” and “The importance of the AI in our society.” Will Artificial Intelligence take over jobs in the United States, or will it just be a support system for those already employed? I am aiming to find out if Artificial Intelligence is a threat to the current work chances, and the different industries it could impact.

Many discussions around the topic: Artificial Intelligence. The paradox is that in many still do not understand the meaning and importance that AI has on our daily lives. We can define Artificial Intelligence as the ability of a technological system to solve problems or perform tasks and activities typical of the human mind and skill. Looking at the IT sector, we could identify AI – Artificial Intelligence as the discipline that deals with creating machines (hardware moreover, software) able to "act" autonomously (such as planning, recognition of speech, solving problems and learning).

The world has seen a newly developed interest and focuses on Artificial Intelligence due to the advancements in science and technology (Sharples 32). Artificial Intelligence will impact many sectors in the world, especially the United States where it seems to be a threat to the current employment opportunities and the ones employed. The past couple of years, we have seen machines and robots taking over the world. Everyone is talking about how robots are taking over everything, from all the different jobs in different sectors. In 1942, the Australian economist Joseph A. Schumpeter had identified the heart of capitalism in a mechanism of "creative destruction," or cyclic innovation, coining a successful formula still in vogue today: the introduction of robotics that is a mix between the traditional production method and the modern ones.

In other words, many fear that robots can replace man, eliminating jobs and creating widespread unemployment. Not only futurologists like Jerry Kaplan, who predicted a world in which 90% of people do not work and sustain themselves thanks to subsidies, but also great entrepreneurs and innovators like Bill Gates and Elon Musk are now afraid of this scenario (Sharples 32). However, on the other side, AI will be able to beneficial to us as they can perform jobs that are dangerous to us and can perform the job to perfection. As Artificial Intelligence tends to do the job more precisely than humans, businesses are pushing for their advancement.

Artificial Intelligence has various applications in today society. These machines can carry out various activities in different fields. One of the applications of Artificial Intelligence is in the aviation industry where it is used for training simulations, management of missions, systems of support for making tactical decisions and processing of simulation data into a comprehensive summary (Berlatsky 20). Artificial Intelligence is also useful in aircraft warfare because the computers can formulate tactical strategies based on the size, location, strength, and speed of the opposing forces (Berlatsky 20). These applications are essential for the military who also utilize unnamed aerial vehicles (UAV) which are aircraft systems used in exploration and attacks. While others have complex systems, the UAV has a remote control that are self-direct entities and allow for automation. Thanks to these Artificial Intelligence machines the risk of loss of human lives in wars reduced radically. They lead to less cost acquired when contrasted with the utilization of human troopers and specialists. The machines can achieve work which would be done by officers and professionals. (Berlatsky 20).

The science organizations are moving in the direction of incorporating “man-made brainpower” into these machines, and they are trying to use the data they have and incorporate them in the system to make sure that the Artificial Intelligence Is going to fallow those specific orders that are in the protocol. Is critical to realize that Artificial Intelligence can save humans life by dealing with some works people are not able to or are just too harmful to a human being. Companies are trying to use more Artificial Intelligence instead of humans labor also for prevention to the population health and because in case of an accident is easier to fix a machine than a human’s life.

Artificial Intelligence is probably going to cause an abatement in human work on account of an expanded fuse of the machines to do human work in an auspicious way and more productive way. Artificial Intelligence is probably going to fuel development on the economy that will be the product of the increase of the mechanization (Heinen 714). The circulation of “man-made brainpower machines” is probably going to be progressive and not only just the ruin of society and the economy. The population still need time to get used to the idea of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives, and before this happens, it needs time. (Heinen 714). To encourage the full success of Artificial Intelligence in our lives and society, there is a requirement. We should be able to put together the knowledge and the feelings humans have and the perfection and the data the Artificial Intelligence fallow to have a perfect combination. There should be a moral in the utilization of Artificial Intelligence machines to guarantee their function. (Heinen 714).

China is one of the leading nations in the utilization of Artificial Intelligence with the machines being used in every sector. Computerized reasoning has been bitten by bit assuming control over the employment of numerous individuals in China because of robotization and consequently the diminished need to utilize people (Lan 5). Stores will have no clerks and vehicles have no drivers who take out vital business openings. Very nearly 47 % of the aggregate occupations in the Assembled States are anticipated to be lost because of robotization. China is prospected to lose right around 77% of the occupations to computerized machines utilizing Artificial Intelligence (Lan 5). Governments should consider how “man-made consciousness” will affect the lives of individuals rather than concentrating on setting aside some cash through computerization (Lan 5).

Another use of Artificial Intelligence is in the healthcare sector where the machines are utilized to determinate and emotionally support networks for settling on clinical choices. The innovation is utilized in information passage where a doctor directs data to voice acknowledgment on a PC which enters the managed information. The concepts processing is art also used in diagnosis because it attempts to function like a physician’s mind through recalling some of the elements from previous cases which might bear some resemblance to the current case. The processor at that point shows the past case experience which exposes the nearest similitude to the present case. This eases the work of the doctor in the diagnosis of patients.

Alternative application of Artificial Intelligence has been in the education sector where businesses have proceeded to make machines that show kids different subjects. Moreover, can teach them in various ways. Intelligent tutoring system has been produced and are utilized in showing individuals and handing-off data which have been transferred to the system (Sparks 8). Artificial knowledge machines that are progressed in handling common dialect are being utilized in evaluating assignments and for who learns on the web. These frameworks gather information and dissect it to think of informational indexes that can be utilized in enhancing the nature of instruction. Every one of these occupations would have been at first done by people. However, the presentation of “man-made consciousness machines” may lead to a slight loss of employment opportunities despite the fact that the machines cannot replace teachers because education is a personalized interactional process. (Flashes 8).

Artificial Intelligence has been widely used in the world and has continued to make a significant impact in the world systems. Computerized reasoning has been portrayed as the future, and few people have proceeded to express that the following scene war will most likely come about because of battling for capacity to control Artificial Intelligence since along these lines a nation can run the world. “Man-made brainpower” is probably going to affect the future in various ways. Revolution the transport sector that is one of the manners by which the Intelligence will affect the future world. Travel sensors will be appended to vehicles and trains to maintain a strategic distance from mishaps. The Artificial Intelligence system can inform travelers about what is happening, and if there is a problem with the vehicle, if they need to stop, if there is an accident on the way, they can control everything that is happening on the roads and with the vehicle. This will help in facilitating up and guaranteeing accommodation in the transport sector.

The world has been changing for the past few years where machines can perform many works. The contribution of Artificial Intelligence will be of incredible help for many different sectors in the United States. In any case, for the most part, the employment that are imperiling human lives. Firefighters and law enforcement officers are one of the numerous that risk their lives to have given us the chance to survive, in case of danger. In the firefighter’s case, the Artificial Intelligence will have the capacity to go in the building and asses if there is anybody harmed and to find the way to go and assist the injured person. The use of Artificial Intelligence in these cases will help to prevent death in both cases, the firefighter but also the person that is involved in the tragic situation. The reasons why Artificial Intelligence is a great invention, in this case, is to avoid the significant number of dead people in these situations. Artificial Intelligence and machines will have the capacity to create the best results.

Artificial Intelligence will be an extraordinary help for many individuals, as in the past we used to make everything and people were not flawless and used to make mistakes, so we had to deal with many issues because of the human’s mistake. The world we live in today has been enhanced by a considerable measure of the innovative headways as the car we have now are made and worked by machines. Artificial Intelligence can settle on quicker choices and have the capacity to give us a safer and a better result, which will diminish the number of mishaps.

The time we are in now requires a lot of efficiencies. Humans are expected not to make mistakes, to deal with different activities at the same time and also be aware of what is going on. We need someone that is computerized, that we are sure does not have a break down with all the effort we are supposed to put in our daily bases work. Artificial Intelligence will have the capacity to finish ordinary undertakings and occupations through complex computerization that will help increment efficiency. This preferred standpoint will have the capacity to enable people to be free from such employment to concentrate on their creative side. The progression of innovation commits it near unthinkable errors to be made, even with the work being multiplied. This is an excellent point if we are willing to give cheaper labor and increments of production. This is why many companies prefer to invest in Artificial Intelligence instead of human labor.

Artificial Intelligence has improved a lot of people’s lives but with it has joined many weaknesses too. The expense of creating this Artificial Intelligence is high since they are complex machines (Cunningham 40). Fix, and upkeep of the machines have turned out to be very costly which adds to the expense of utilization. Also, the machines utilize specific software, programs that require that require adjustments and upgrades depending on the condition (Cunningham 40). Another small issue Artificial Intelligence has is that with time they do not improve thanks experience. The machines are delicate and need many check-ups, the weather the environment can cause a big issue to the function, and the Artificial Intelligence only follows the protocol they have on the system. Individuals are scholarly creatures with faculties and feelings not at all like machines. Sentiments manage the musings of people and this perspective needs in machines. The human cerebrum has natural capacities which can’t be reproduced in machines (Cunningham 40).

From the analysis and research from this site, it is apparent that “computerized reasoning” has affected numerous fields on the planet and is continuing to assume control over a ton of what people could do. This situation might represent a high risk to the job opportunities in the United States of America. “Man-made consciousness” has found applications in different parts, for example, the military, training, education, wellbeing and also in hazardous occupations. The utilization of the Artificial Intelligence has prompted a great deal of changes on the planet we live. The progressions and the decrease of human work have terrified many people and made them lose the hopes on the utility of technology. This situation caused many problems, not allowing technology to advance. The truth is that robots will never have the capacity to substitute us. Does not matter how advanced technology will be is going to be impossible to make an identical copy of the hardest machine to control: the brain. There is no way an Artificial Intelligence machine can be compared to our brains, the emotions we have, the compassion and also our feeling cannot be placed in any machine. Researching the importance of Artificial Intelligence and the importance these have in our society made me understand different points. First of all, that Artificial Intelligence is going to increase the employment rates but is not going to take away our jobs, but just more likely will be considered like a “second human,” without our feelings and that strictly follows the rules, more like an assistant to people, especially in case of need. Is not going to substitute humans in the education sector or health sector but help humans in jobs that are difficult for us to accomplish.

It is obvious that everything that has focal points and advantages will have bad marks and which causes many fallbacks and limitations on what we can do. This is the reason why we keep questioning our selves if Artificial Intelligence will benefit us or not. We need to understand when is helpful to use them and when we do not need them when we need Artificial Intelligence to take over a job sector and when we can accomplish the work by our selves. This is the way to make sure we do not overuse Artificial Intelligence because of our “laziness,” but we keep technology under control and we still advance with it to improve our skills, our knowledge, and our lives.

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