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Haven’T You Always Dreamed Of

Haven’t you always dreamed of a life like theirs? Extravagant parties, stunning clothing, and more. It was the life of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. We know the facts of these royals. But do we really know them? Their day to day life’s. How their decisions affected the people from france in the 18th century until now. I do believe their personal life affected their Political lives. First, The amount of money they spent, They didn’t have guidance from one and were selfish , also they were too young to have such a big role in France.

Marie Antoinette born on November 2, 1755 in Vienna, Austria. She was the 15th child to Maria Theresa, the empress of Austria at the time, also they Holy Roman Emperor Francis I. She lived a very happy childhood. Not a problem or care in the world. Was a very outgoing, confident child, a social butterfly. When it came time for school, she received a very basic education for a girl in the 18th century. Mostly learned religious and principles. While boys around this time learned academics. Marie Antoinette’s political background made her develop policies that were

Louis XVI was born in the Palace of Versailles on August 23, 1754. He was the 3rd son of Louis, dauphin of France and grandson of Louis XV of France. Marie-Josephe of Saxony, the daughter of Frederick Augustus II of Saxony was his mother. Louis received his education from a French noblemen and studied religion, morality, and Humanities.

He was a very strong and healthy, so he enjoyed physical hobbies like wrestling and locksmithing. Louis was a very shy, timid child. Louis parents paid very little attention to him, focusing on his older brother Louis duc de Bourgogne. The heir apparent, but passed at age 9. On December 20, 1765, his father died of tuberculosis. From their Louis was the heir apparent.

According to the book “Marie Antoinette” , Because of results of the Seven Years War, an alliance between Austria and France was very crucial, and became Empress Maria Theresa greatest importance. So because of this, Marie Antoinette and Louis were in an arrange marriage to marry each other. Marie was 15 years old and Louis was 16 years old. Their political marriage affected the people of France.

In May of 1770, she left Austria to go to France and had 57 carriages, 117 footmen, and 376 horses with her. Marie Antoinette and Louis were married on May 16 1770. The same month Marie left Austria, they were married very quick. Marie didn’t adjust well to this new life and lifestyle. First she wasn’t ready for this type of power, responsibility, or commitment. She was 15 years old. Louis was very shy around her and distance.

According to the book “The Life and Legacy of King Louis XVI” , The Young couple developed a private friendly relationship with time. Louis occasionally gambled with Marie and attended dances with her. While Marie learned to ride a horse to hunt with her husband. Their frivolities…..

After being married a few years, they still didn’t have children. Back then, the main purpose for marriage is to have children to be the next heir of the throne. Because of this Louis Mother-in-Law and Marie’s mother Maria Theresa sent Marie’s brother, Emperor Francis II her son to fix this problem. So then finally with his help, after 8 years they had them first child. A daughter named Marie-Therese, and had 3 more children after her, Two sons and One daughter.

On May 10, 1774, Louis Auguste became Louis XVI, because the death of his grandfather Louis XV. Only 20 years old when he became king, Louis XVI was immature and lacked self-confidence. Also making Marie at 19 years old, the queen of France. Marie and Louis were polar opposites. He was a shy, indecisive person and loved to read. Marie was a social butterfly, outgoing and loved to gamble and party.

Beginning in 1780, Marie Antoinette began spending more time at the Petit Trianon. The Petit Trianon, was her private castle on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles, without the king. The king felt bad removing her from her home, so he gave her a place to be by herself and feel more at home. Every person that would center the Petit Trianon needed permission from Marie, even Louis. Because of all this time spent there, rumors surfaced around an affair with Swedish Diplomat Count Axel Vom Ferson.

She name became “Madame Deficit”. Since the harvest did bad during the 1780’s they were driving up grain prices across the country. In 1785, the diamond-necklace incident permanently messed up the queen’s reputation. In the eyes of the people, they did not like Marie after incident like these came up after and after, even if she was innocent or guilty.

Marie Antoinette and King Louis had a very complicated , lavish life living in Versailles.With made the people of France, hate them even more. With their personal life it affected their political life, decisions, and more. One detail of their personal life that affected their political life is Spending money. He didn’t address to the people or anyone about their financial problems that were happening. The Royals loved to have gigantic,fabulous parties. Loved new shoes and clothes, gambling. They were spending money when france at the time couldn’t afford it.

Another detail that affected their political life is was no guidance. First of all they were very young when they were married. They weren’t fully developed, in their mind wasn’t in the right age to make these types of decisions. However, they also didn’t really get help and get taught. Both of his parents died after his brother Louis duc de Bourgogne, he died when he was nine years old. Then in December, four years after Louis duc de Bourgogne died, his dad died of tuberculosis and also his mother. So we wasn’t really taught and did not get knowledge.

King Louis and Marie loved fancy things. The expensive clothes, the huge parties and just loved living life without thinking of the cost. Since they were little children, they were very wealthy. During this time Paris wasn’t doing good with their harvest or money really. France was in debt already for helping the American Revolution. They came into a bad season with hailstorms. All of this led to a very bad harvest in France. So because of this , this led to peasants to have very low earning and the prices of food got very expensive. They weren’t able to afford this.

However, a lot of people didn’t have a job because of this. People were not working and not making money. So while the people were starving, trying to get jobs, trying to make a living. They couldn’t and they were very hungry. While in the Palace of Versailles, Marie Antoinette and King Louie were living in luxury with no concern of how the people of france were. They were eating great and going on with there life and the people didn’t like it. They wanted them to do something about it.

This event made Louis call for a meeting of the estates general. The people in the Estates General were people from the first , second , and third estate. The Third estate wanted to help but the first and second didn’t agree and locked the third estate out. Therefore, the third estate went to an indoor tennis court and agreed not to give up on what they want until a french constitution was made. After the Bastille Battle and many events, finally August 26th they gave every person rights. So they established after all of this that King Louis and Marie Antoinette can stay in the Palace of Versailles. Many peasants said that Marie Antoinette was hiding grains in the palace and demanded that they would move out of Versailles and move to paris. King Louis did this to himself. If he was understanding and helpful, he would’ve helped the people of Paris.

Another reason their personal life affected their political life is because no guidance or love. First of all, they both faced childhoods with bright side and dark sides. Louis was always under his older brother, no one really paying attention. Plus both of his parents died of tuberculosis, when King Louis XVI was young. So he grew up with the staff of this house and no parental guidance or even really love from his parents. Marie’s Antoinette’s parents shipped her off to paris as a scared fourteenth year old. Imagine getting married at 15 and 16, you’re not even fully develop physical and mentally. Marie was strip off her clothes and was put into all french things. Nothing she was wearing on in from Austria or even the style of Austrian fashion at the time. Marie’s clothes and even her carriage was brought from france for Marie to use it.

So, they both probably had their problems that they were facing on there own, So they bought may things and did things they thought were appropriate and what they thought was best really without thinking, which is wrong. They didn’t really learn any better. They were scared, nervous, i can’t even imagine the feeling they had. If they had guidance, probably from someone who has a little experience, a little love from a parent or even guardian would’ve came out differently. History could of came out very different, then it did.

King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette had a big role in France. I understand back then around that time, which is the 18th century it was a normal lifestyle. Getting married young and having kids right after. Especially for King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, so they can make the new heir to the throne. Then, dieing around 30 and giving the heir which would be the King and Queen son the throne to become King. Compared to now , with all the medications and other helpful tools now, the rate is now 70 years old. Plus the amenities we have now compared to back then like a toilet. So we changed over time. But you aren’t fully developed. Men are fully developed mentally at 25. Before that they make decisions based on what they believe is right and wrong. Everyone has different opinion , so what was right for King Louis XVI, might be different in our eyes. Same for women or girls. I feel that older you are the wiser you become, and you become a better leader. But with a 14 year old and 15 year old becoming your queen and king. I understand that they offically became king and queen when King Louis XVI became king at the age of 20. I still believe the same.Everything takes time and even with time their imperfections.

King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette affected many people in the 18th century, and still to this day they affect us. But I believe everything happens for a reason and it all it’s part of a plan. So this was their dynasty and what they were supposed to do. I feel like King Louis and Marie didn’t help people in the best way but they did make history in France. Now the Place of Versailles and many other historical places in France , have purpose and history and are beautiful pieces of architecture. These royals would be in our history forever and their bold,lavish, exquisite lifestyle

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