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A Situation Which Has Since Been

A situation which has since been brought into the eyes of the media is the argument over immigration into Britain. Although immigrants to Britain are no strangers, Britain has long welcomed the arrival of new immigrants through its borders and has grown to accommodate them. Recently there are many divided opinions over immigrants entering the UK both legally and illegally and many arguments over the incidents which occur due to them.

Immigrants can be advantages by moving to the UK and one advantage is the economic gains this is an advantage to the UK people as they don’t realise that the jobs the immigrants are taking is the ones citizens in the UK are not focusing on taking and Immigrants are taking up these jobs and helping the whole producers and consumers which is improving the economic gains. Immigrants are a source of low cost labour and has been a proven fact, but the cost reductions do eventually get passed on to the consumer who are people who purchase goods and services, so host country citizens benefit from this as well. The goods produced by the immigrants by effort generate supplementary profits as the goods can be sold at a lower price.

The disadvantage of immigrants coming to the UK is that they are overcrowding and this is a downside as society are coming closer together and functioning from more compact spaces and as more immigrants are departing into the UK from different parts of other countries they can carry a disease or even an illness that could easily spread to others around them. So being close to people that are around when they may have a disease or an illness is going to have a greater chance of outbreaks and can develop into more frequent and severe when the population is growing.

Another advantage of immigrants coming to the UK is the increase in standard of living in the part of immigrants. This is an advantage as the immigration can make a new change and or even make new stage in a changing situation. An immigrant would not picture a better level of quality living. The form of life has become better with immigration as have the wellbeing but hasn’t been experience not quite by a host country. Yet it is one of the main benefits immigration provides. It brings immigrants better chance, chances to fulfil their goals and have a better life overall.

Another disadvantage of immigrants is disagreements between different religions and cultures which also has a downside as they get treated differently with the remarks of what culture of religion they have or believe in and also where they have came from. By being treated differently it is showing that the problem is that ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is unreasonable; you cannot have a sexless religion without those disagreeing groups that provide an argumentative argument within this and then goes on to leading to more powerful opposition between people that are not contributing in such tension.

Finally another advantage of immigration fleeing into the UK is that they are bringing skilled workers that are needed in specific sectors of work which brings an advantage as immigrants usually arrive because of a person’s trade of profession which means that they can provide experience of work that is very short in a country. This will bring various disadvantages to the UK including greater poverty, increase in crimes and a few others. To conclude this point the immigration brings so much more advantages to the UK than they bring disadvantages.

Also another disadvantage to conclude this would be the developing cost of services such as the health care and education system. This is a disadvantage as the costs are rising as the NHS is paying for those who have just came into the country to live rather than those who have been living there since the start. The disadvantage of the cost of education is the money going into the education system is always getting pulled out and paying the costs of new pupils but also the equipment the pupils use but new comers (immigrants) that are bringing their children into schools and getting settles into a new school is making the education system pull out more money to have to pay for new equipment for new children’s which causes more arguments towards why they education system is paying for children that are from other countries.

In conclusion to this essay I have focused on the advantages and disadvantages of welcoming immigrants to our doorstep and I have been mainly focusing on why the public had a strong disagreement towards the newcomers such as the investments is going out to them and making the country more overcrowded but I was also focusing on why some members of the public have welcomed them very well as they are making good advantages to the UK such as the rise of economic gains and bringing new and different skills that they are able to share to the UK. My opinion towards immigrants coming into the United Kingdom is at a strong agreement as if think they have equal rights as do we and as I have stated in my advantages they do bring a alloy of good uses to our country which I think should be getting put to good use and they are not exactly entering the country and treating it differently as what we British citizens would when British citizens move abroad or go on holiday abroad.

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