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Capital Punishment Is The Highest

Capital Punishment is the highest form of penalty in the United States. The amendment that protects United States citizens from cruel and unusual punishment is the 8th Amendment, which makes the punishment suit the crime. The death penalty has grown to be the most effective method of punishment in the United States. Throughout history the death penalty has always been used. Being so talked about, there are many court cases regarding the death penalty. Capital Punishment is an important and controversial issue within the United States today.

The death penalty came from foreign oceans to become a form of punishment in the United States today. This form of punishment originated from Europe and came to the colonies in 1608. The death penalty was first used on a man named George Kendall, who was a spy from Spain. Many other executions were held due to offenses such as stealing grapes, killing chickens, or trading with Native Americans. Throughout this time, America was under the rule of Britain,.

There are 5 legal methods in the United States for the death penalty. The first and most common one is lethal injection which is used in 33 states. Another method of execution is electrocution by the electric chair. This form of punishment is banned in the states of Georgia and Nebraska. The gas chamber method is used in 6 states and 11 deaths since 1976 through this method. Another method of punishment is hanging, which is used by 3 states. The least common method is firing squad as 5 trained soldiers kill the evicted criminal.

There are many reasons people support the death penalty. One reason includes death being the ultimate punishment. For people committing the ultimate wrong, many believe they deserve the ultimate punishment. Another reason supporting the death penalty is for the victims death. The victims family will have a sense of relief when the criminal experiences the effect of his actions. Along with that, all people fear death, which make criminals and other people fear killing or other wrongs. Finally, a criminal who kills deserves to have the same done to themselves. A political figure who believes in Capital Punishment is Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey. Christie believes the death penalty is used to protect the country from any sort of threat towards Americans.

As there is a support for the death penalty, there is also support against it. One reason is that it teaches criminals nothing. As the criminal dies, he or she has no chance to learn the morally correct way to live their life. Another reason people support the death penalty is because of the prisons in the United States. Many are tortured and it is a more effective warning to criminals. Finally, the death penalty in itself is hypocritical. The people of the United States see the government killing other Americans showing killing is morally wrong. A political figure who is against the death penalty is Bernie Sanders, who serves as a junior senator from Vermont. Sanders believes the government should not be involved in the killing of other people.

There are many Supreme Court cases involving the death penalty. One case includes Atkins v. Virginia. This case involves Daryl Renard Atkins, who was arrested for abduction, armed robbery, and capital murder. Atkins was given the death penalty sentence due to his actions. Throughout all of this, Atkins, at the time of his offense, claimed to be mentally ill, which led him to the Supreme Court. The final verdict was a 6-3 ruling in the favor of Atkins. Because of this ruling, Atkins was not given the death penalty due to his mental state. The Supreme Court decided Capital Punishment is cruel and unusual punishment to the mentally unstable.

Capital Punishment is an important and controversial issue within the United States today. Due to the death penalty’s controversy, 55% of American citizens support the death penalty, which is the lowest percentage since 1972. On the other hand, 44% of Americans are against the death penalty and 4% have no opinion on the topic. 39% of Democrats do not believe in the death penalty, which is why their support is below majority. On the other hand, 72% of Republicans support the death penalty. Although this topic is talked about and controversial, many individuals have a variety of different opinions and either agree or disagree with the death penalty.

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