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Good habits are one of the essential things in our life.

Good habits are one of the essential things in our life. It is your key to happiness. Routines are vital as they help in building our personality. Anyone who has good habits becomes a role model for others. Going to bed quickly and rising early in the morning is one such good habit. We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘Good Habits’ for reference.

Healthy habits shape our behaviours and lives. Good habits are the key to the all-round growth of a person. Formation of good habits take time and are formed only by repetition. It is tough to let go of bad habits. But with continuous practice, good habits can be acquired, which stays with us for life. Some of the excellent habits you must have are honesty, punctuality, hard work, being respectful of others. Sharing what you own is another crucial good habit. It is also an excellent habit to keep the environment around us clean. These habits are beneficial for us to be a good person. Engage your kid into diverse thoughts and motivate them to improve their English with our Essay for Class 3 and avail the Simple Essays suitable for them.

A person with good habits is respected in his society. He or she becomes a responsible citizen. With good habits, one can tackle any obstacles that may come to their life. Healthy habits make a person dutiful and accountable. Good habits develop good character in a person. Bathing regularly, going to bed early, always being on time, reading good books are some of the healthy habits we should develop. These habits generate a sense of positivity. Helping others and being generous are also some excellent habits to develop. We should also try to take care of our daily hygiene properly. Creating sweet and polite nature is an essential part of personality development. It is essential that children the value of good habits. Developing positive habits take a lot of time, and so should begin at an early age. Children learn good habits from their parents and teachers, so the adults should practice these too.

Question: Why are good habits important? Answer: Good habits make a person a role model for society. Healthy habits play an essential role in the personality development of an individual. Living a healthy life keeps us fit. If we maintain a healthy practice, we will help keep the environment around us clean. Healthy habits also help in generating peace of mind. Question: What good habits should I develop to become a good person? Answer: The list of good habits is endless. But the most important are:

Question: Does having good manners mean developing good habits? Answer: Yes. Developing sweet manners are a significant step in developing good habits.

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