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Are you looking everywhere to find Word Problems on Rational Numbers?

Are you looking everywhere to find Word Problems on Rational Numbers? Then you have come the right way we have got you Worksheet on Word Problems on Rational Numbers. You can practice using the Rational Numbers Worksheets on Word Problems and understand various questions. Try to solve the questions prevailing here on your own at first and then cross-check with the answers provided. Get an idea of where you went wrong and improvise on the corresponding areas. 1. If a Rope is 10m long two pieces of lengths 8/5m and 23/10m are cut off. What is the length of the rope left?

2. A drum having paddy weights 240Kg whereas the weight of the empty drum is 50/4kg. Find the Weight of the Paddy within the drum?

3. A basket contains three types of Vegetables including 48/3kg all together. If 15/2 kg is carrot, 19/6kg is tomatoes and the rest are brinjal. What is the Weight of Brinjal?

4. Find the Cost of 7/5m of cloth if the cost of the cloth is $120/3 per m?

5. A truck moves at an Average Speed of 180/4 Km/hr. How much distance will it cover in 12/3 hrs?

6. What is the area of the rectangular park if it is 140/3m long and 50/3m broad?

7. Find the area of the square plot if the side of the square measures 7/2 m?

8. One-liter diesel cost Rs. 56. How much does 35 liters of Diesel Cost?

9. An Airplane covers 920 km in an hour. How much distance does it cover in 15/6 hours?

10. Product of Two Rational Numbers is 42/5 and if one of them is 36/7. Find the other rational number?

11. Geeta had $250 She spent 1/2 of her money on books and 1/4 of the remainder on stationery items. How much money is left with her?

12. Area of a room is 214/2 m 2 . If the breadth is 83/4m what is its length?

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