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In Early Era, Engaging Between

In early era, engaging between a person with one another can only be done only by face to face,but then it all changes in 1969 where the first message was sent over the Arpanet from computer science professor leonard kleinrock’s laboratory at university of California,los angekes (ucla) to the second network node at Stanford research institute (sri). This started a new game toward the society. As the technology gradually increase, and the social media been introduced. Social media is forms of electronic communication. One of it is website for social networking. Which people choose to share information,ideas,personal messages and other content. Increases in number of people able to acces the internet. The first media social that was launched in 1997. Which been called as six degrees. The first purpose for the social network are for people to be able to connect or strengthen the connection between one another. As years pass by the origin purposes of social network has been violated. That will lead to the topic of this assignment that is the reason of why, when and how people lie online. On the reason why do people choose to lie on this platform and how they done it and why the reason behind the action that been done.


To begin with, people choose to lie online due to escaping from the reality, as how sad it been heard. People lie on social network to be able to escape and create lifestyle that they wanted to live in. living as someone who they wish they be. people post picture of food that they didn’t really enjoy eating. Places that they didn’t even stay in, peers that they can’t even share their own feeling to be able to captured and post it online and been caption with so call perfect that people can view them as someone they wish they are. Thousand or even hundred thousand of picture are post on social network in a minute however it is hardly hard to confirm that the person behind the smartphone or tablets are really facing the situation as how they claim they are in.

A lot of studies and research are made to really check either the photo that been post are the same in the current situation for the person. Rebecca Greenfield reported that years ago for the Atlantic people can get away from the lies that they had made. Plenty of basic biographic people lie online. From name, age to even school or occupation that they have. Based on Jeffry T.Hancock, Jeninifer Thom-Santelli from the article deception and design: the impact of communication technology on lying behavior. They stated that social psychology has concluded that lying is one of important elements and frequent part in daily social interaction. A research had been done and the results show that people tend to lie most on the telephone and least in email.

Next, it is due to lying online are lots way easier than lying face to face. According to Michael Woodworth,A forensic psychologist when people lying face to face, certain signals will be shown by a lier however lying on the social network shows none. He said that “when people are interacting face to face there this thing called as “motivational impairment effect” where your body will give as cue too nervous in lying.’ Lying on the social network are hardly or could be less likely to be able to detect. When do people most likely to lie are usually in getting new relationship or new friendship. Users lie to be able to grab other user attention to be friends with.Jeffrey T.Hancock from the article digital deception : who ,where and how people lie online. He questioned on issues concerned with deception and self-presentation, as how people manipulate their identity. The second question that he made concerned about how users produce lie. Either by people tent to lie more in the everyday conversation in some media than in others.

One of the popular platforms where people choose to lie online are on an online dating website. This is one popular platform for people to initiating romantic relationships. To be able to be swipe right by a person. People lie about their weight, hobby or interest to most likely for someone to like them. Based onMichelle Drouin,Daniel Miller,Shaun M.J Wehle and Elisa Hernandez. On journal why do people lie online? Because everyone lies on the internet. Indidcate that most people are likely expectd to lie on sexual or adult websites and the lies most likely on the appearance and few on gender that they actually are.

Next, based on some studies said that , on average people will tell at least on lie in a day and deception is one of the significant social phenomena in the society ( Miller Stiff,1993) making people deceive people around them such as families,friends,collueges and more on the social network. Based on John A. Bargh , Katelyn Y.A. Mckenna and Grainne M.Fitzsimons on their journal can you see the real me? Activation and expression of the “true self “ on the internet. When the question is would we be able to realize when people lie online. Either a person could really understand the feeling on a person solely based on a text, picture or videos. People often lie on the internet on how they actually feel. People tend to lie on how their feeling to be able to show that they didn’t have any weaknesses as how the society teach us, people who sad are loser. Feeling was not appreciated in the society only perfect had been told. In the social network people tend to cover their feeling to avoid hate feedback or embarrassment.

Why do some people chose to lie, it is due to some people believe that it was just a white lie. Nobody will be in anything because of the is also count as common lies for certain people. And they considered as harmless to the society. Such as lying about their hobby or interest as it will not bring any harm to others. While, other user might lie in order to sell or protect their customer. Fake reviews are made to attract more customers to the business. By holding the truth that the product would not be as how the picture shown. Seller tends to copy other people photo and sell something similar to it. The reason for the action are because that will be much cheaper.


To conclude, people lie online either intentionally or unintentionally. Intentionally is when they post something knowing that they aren’t as what they post. Tweeting something that they not really feeling. Once again, as a user people should be aware of the consequences on what can happen I they chose to lie how in islam it is also forbidden in telling lies. People should be aware that telling small lies will lead to a bigger one, and one lies will always lead to another lies. When the truth came out if person couldn’t help but to face it, some would face depression from getting rejected by the person who believe in those lies. As technologies getting more developed lying would be a lot way easier. As a user it is on our hand on what to post online either the truth or just feed people with fake content.