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Zoos Are A Big Thing In Today’S

Zoos are a big thing in today’s society and a popular attraction. They make people have an appreciation for animals. Zoos bring people together and educate kids on animals. They bring in abandoned animals and get animals from breeding programs. They teach kids how animals live and what animals eat. There are many benefits to having zoos. Therefore, nullifying zoos won’t help they will take away a child’s learning experience.

Zoos are a popular attraction in today’s society. Students are taking field trips to zoos and people go for the knowledge. Kids that want to be help animals when they are older would want to see the animals. People or professors who do research would want to go to a zoo and get information. Zoos are what bring people together in a society. They show people that everyone can learn in one setting. Not only that but gives great opportunities for kids to understand.

Zoos educate people on animals and gives them a visual view. Giving people a better understanding of what animals do. In zoos they even have little posts by each animal telling what they are, and giving in cite on them. Seeing what they actually eat, and how they interact with their species. They have field trips for kids and also Educating people will not only help people understand the different animals but give them more intel on them.

They bring in animals from breeding programs. Which is a way more great and resourceful way. Getting from places other than breeding programs would cause problems. Breeding programs help prevent the extinction of endangered species. There are actual animals that have been saved from extinction because of zoos. Here in a article that talks about captive breeding programs “ Captive Breeding programs are departments within zoos, rescues, sanctuaries and so on in which animals are kept in enclosures and are bred to produce future generations of their species.”( Finding Porpoise ). Getting from breeding programs will not only help but have more animals staying in existence. Having breed around their same group not being forced to do so.

Zoos provide great benefits to animals which they wouldn’t get outside of the zoo. They get nutrition and help when they’re sickly. An article say that “Zoological medicine has allowed animals to live longer in zoological facilities. Animals are under constant disease surveillance”(Zoo Nation). Zoos not only provides what animals needs but give animals a safe home. Zoo have habitats that resembles some animals environment outside of a zoo. Zoos can provide a treatment for rare animals, which they can not get outside the zoo. They benefit animals in many ways which why zoos are still open to this day because help animals.

Safety for endangered animals they have. The wild cannot protect endangered animals, so therefore zoo saves them from that. Animals get hunted and killed everyday but in zoos they have safety and security. Zoos help with animal survival so that they live a long life and create more species. They create a safe home or environment for animals to live so they get taken and killed. In the wild today there are many animals getting taken And sold. Zoos preserve rare and extremely endangered species.

Zoos now today have strict regulations. Zoos now go through an accreditation process to maintain operations. They have inspections to check animals are taken in proper care, it habitat is clean. "Highly-trained staff at AZA- accredited zoos and aquariums are providing excellent care for more than 700,000 animals"(AZA). If they do lose their accreditation, the animals will be transferred to a zoo that will be transferred to a zoo that meet the requirement. Therefore zoo need to meet a high standard in order to stay open.

Zookeepers have specialized knowledge about their animals. This caused less attacks and accidents when doing procedures. Zookeepers are trained and educated to be in charge. If a zookeeper do not meet the requirements for the zoo then they will not be put in for the position. Zookeepers go to school and learn about animals and how to maintain them and treat them. In zoos they will not have untrained people working on animals or treating them.

Zoos put in place activities for animals to maintain their natural instincts and movements. They have activities put in place so that animals don’t get bored or becoming. Zoo’s are aware of the special diets and physical requirements that animals need in order to stay healthy. Activities are there for animals so they can stay occupied and happy. Those activities are what keep the animals going and good throughout the time they are staying in the zoo.

The veterinary care is available at most zoos. At some zoos they have treatment teams who can create a plan and take care any animal. The standard care process is more in depth now. They have screenings and do tests on the animals. They would have the animals, healthy and in good care if they ever get sick or hurt. Zoo veterinarian, are trained to treat exotic wildlife species, who are hurt. It’s helpful for the animals to have care because the vet would recognize any abnormalities in a hurry and know what to do to take care or the animal. Here show all the responsibilities a zoo veterinarian:

Typical duties for a zoo vet may include performing exams, administering sedation, taking samples, giving vaccinations, administering fluids, prescribing medication, performing surgery, cleaning teeth, taking ultrasounds and radiographs, treating wounds, assisting with captive breeding programs, and supervising zoo veterinary technicians (The balance).

Zoos are working with colleges to help people who have a love for animals. Go in depth in their practices. Also, there are high school programs that go into curriculum that explores science related to the zoo. Gives students an appreciation of animals and wildlife. Zoos help better people who love animals, they keep the people going by creating programs for them. Giving opportunities like that will give those people a chance to teach other what they know. As you can see here there are many opportunities "For students pursuing careers as zoologists or wildlife biologists, at least a master’s degree is necessary, as graduate students have the most research and fieldwork opportunities available." (Cappex). There are a wide range of opportunities for students

Zoos are also a fun place to go with small kids. Even though they will not understand but they will see the animals and will get a sense of what they are. That will attract them to come back more. Make kids want to become vets or just help with animals. Seeing animals in zoos not only educates but it inspires people to become more helpful with animals. It inspires people to care more about the wildlife and animals can have a way of making us feel warm like they are our pets. Giving people inspiration to protect animals and take care of them. When people are passionate they put money into research and time into it like they do for zoos. Zoos are very beneficial to everyone adults and kids, animals they make everyone happy

There are people that believe some animals are guaranteed to survive in breeding programs. They believe that animals should stay in wild instead of zoos. Therefore, they try to breed so they can save them in zoos. Animals stay safe in zoos They keep the animals healthy and protected. Zoos should not be nullified for that very reason.

Therefore, zoos should not be nullified but saved. Zoos educate kids and adults about animals and make them have a great appreciation for animals. They keep the animals happy and healthy, active. Zoos make it safe to where animals can live a long and healthy life. Zoos also protect animals from danger therefore they need zoos.