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Find in this article, clickable links from where you can download the Chhattisgarh Board Class 5 Textbooks of Maths and Environmental Studies in English and Hindi Medium. You have to only access these files from the PDF links provided in the table with the article. These CGBSE Textbooks are useful to understand the concepts well and also to clear any doubts in these subjects.

Class 5 Maths can be a joy to learn and the CGBSE Class 5 Maths textbook caters to this. The textbook discusses a lot of concepts such as Numbers, Average, Angles, Length, Capacity, Time, Perimeter, Data Handling and much more. The textbook explains even the complex concepts in an easy to understand language.

We also provide the list of chapters from the textbook in the table below:

Some of the concepts discussed in this CGBSE Class 5 EVS textbook range from topics related to the environment, be it natural, social or cultural, such as water, forest, pollution, natural disasters, animals and conservation of natural resources and so on. These textbooks of Chhattisgarh Board explain these concepts in simple language for you to comprehend easily.

At the same time, in the table below we have also listed the chapter names from the Class 5 textbook for Environmental Studies:

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