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Solution of gum

In this article, we have discussed step-by-step procedure to perform an experiment which will help you understand how to prepare a colloidal solution of gum. Read the article carefully to understand the aim, procedure and the apparatus required to perform the experiment. Conduct the practical and try to match the result with this.

Preparation of lyophilic sol of gum.

Gum has the ability to form sol when water is used as a dispersion medium. This formation can be accelerated with the help of heat. To prepare sol the mixture of water and gum is heated to about 100° C.

2. The gum and distilled water mixture are heated to what temperature?

3. How much amount of distilled water is taken to prepare 500 mg of gum sol?

4. Pour the gum paste into cold distilled water before boiling. True or false?

5. Constant stirring is not required while adding the gum paste. True or false?