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VERY SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS Q-1 Which is the most significance aspect of human development?

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VERY SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS Q-1 Which is the most significance aspect of human development? Ans – Enlarging the range of people’s choice is the most significant aspect of human development. Q 2 What is key of human development? Ans – Freedom from hunger, poverty, servitude bondage, ignorance, illiteracy and any other type of domination is the key to human development. Q.3 Which state has the lowest female literacy in India? Ans.  Bihar Q 4 Name the indicators of human development. Ans. (I) Health (ii) life expectancy (iii) social (iv) Economic Q.5 What is human development why is it necessary? Ans.  Human Development is a process of enlarging the range of people’s choices, increasing their opportunities for education, health care income and empowerment and covering the full range of human choices from a sound physical environment to economic social and political freedom. Q.6 What is HDI? Which state is on the top in HDI list give one reason of it? Ans.  HDI is the measures the various dimensions of human development. Kerala is on the top in HDI Reason: – high literacy rate (90.92%) Q.7 What relations do you find among population, environment and development. Ans.  Population, Environment and development – development in general and human development in particular is a complex concept used in social sciences. It is complex because for ages it was thought that development is a substantive concept and once it is achieved it will address all the socio – cultural and environmental ills of the society. Though development has brought in significant improved in the quality of life in more than one way but increasing regional disparities, social inequalities, displacement of people, abuse of human rights and undermining human values and environmental degradation have also increased. Q. 8. What is the concept of development? Ans.  Development means a qualitative change which is always value positive. Q. 9 ‘Increasing freedom is also one of the most effective ways of bringing about development’, who put this idea of development? Ans.  Nobel laureate Prof. Amartya Sen. Q.10. Explain the abbreviation P.P.P. and what does it really mean. Ans.  Purchasing Power Parity/ Access to resources. Q.11. In actual what does the human development index measures. Ans.  ATTAINMENTS in human development. Q.12. What is common achievement in the countries with higher human development? Ans.  A lot of investment in the social sector.

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