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This experiment or project tries to explore the working of batteries.

We in this post try to explore the various facets of biological study by conducting some basic experimentation. Our team of tutors and educational consultants has put together some experiments for students ranging throughout the spectrum of classes that would shed light on their concepts and make them have a better comprehension of the subject. If the students have a science fair coming up or an assignment, we have you covered with these simple and fun experiments.

This experiment or project tries to explore the working of batteries. We have all faced times when the batteries that we were using have gone dry and darkness takes over the scene.

This experiment will try to explore the various types of soil present in out surrounding in relation to the animals that step into it.

Slime molds are organisms resembling amoebas. The need nutrition to live and thus move around in search of it and comfortable living conditions (don’t we all!).

If consider yourself healthy and fit this experiment will help you and those around you determine what their lung volume is. Lung volume is the measure of the amount of air that can be held in the lungs.

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