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The best science projects teach and entertain at the same time.

The best science projects teach and entertain at the same time. In this post, we will surf through various science project ideas that guide and challenge the students out there in whatever subject they are dealing with. Students of any class from elementary to middle and even up to high school can use these easy science projects to witness the science going on beneath the surface of these projects. Various facets of science such as Chemistry, Biology and Physics are explored in this post to provide you science fair project ideas that when explained would blow your friends and teachers mind. Children throughout the spectrum of classes, from 4 th to 8 th can use the below projects to explore the fun and interesting backyard of science.

Search for any object that’s fascinating to you and set in stone to create a fossil. The impression it will cast will remain to live on forever, unlike the object inside.

Create a kaleidoscope and enjoy the various colors and patterns. The Physics of it is based on light and optics. The light bounces from one mirror to the other creating patterns.

When you see rain falling, how do you know how much its quantity was? Get to find this out by creating a rain gauge. Record the result and then study the findings.

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