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One such other harmful entity is the bacterias.

The study of biology has helped many humans in understanding the differences and similarities between various life forms on the earth. In this experiment, you will come to know how the process of fermentation of growing yeast takes place.

Biology has helped in a way as how to keep ourselves clean and healthy and also to fight off diseases. Many biologists have even learned the things known as pathogens, one of the living entities causing the diseases. One such other harmful entity is the bacterias. Did you ever try to find where these invisible microorganisms live? Here is an experiment that can make you know where bacteria live.

You would have heard about the human cell and the various life processes occurring within the cells of human body. Here is a model of the cell membrane or the fluid mosaic model showing the regulation of a cell membrane.

An electromagnet is a kind of magnet where the magnetic field is produced by electric current. The major advantage of an electromagnet compared to that of a permanent magnet is that magnetic field can be changed immediately. This project aims at creating a magnet using electricity.

Biology is known as the study of all the living organisms and helps us in understanding each and every organism which is alive, right from the tiniest bacteria to the California redwoods and the blue whales. Many professional biologists very often concentrate on the small type of living organisms like the birds, bacteria, plants, etc. Not only them, even many of you might have performed a series of experiments on the Biology projects in your school level.

An insight detail about the life helps us to understand the way of caring for ourselves, plants and the animals in a proper manner. And moreover, Biology helps every individual in the understanding of interaction lying between humanity and also the world. It, in turn, develops a sense of interest among the living organisms in a way that makes an effort in preserving them.

Below are some of the cool experiments that make biology a fascinating subject.

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