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Magnetism is defined as the force by which the object gets attracted towards the other.

Rain is the first and purest form of water in the hydrological cycle and major source of water for our living. Ground water, lakes and rivers are secondary sources of water and we are mainly dependent on these sources. Rain harvesting describes the value of rain and how to make judicious use of rain water where it falls.

Magnetism is defined as the force by which the object gets attracted towards the other. It is a consequence of one of the four fundamental forces of nature i.e, electromagnetic force. The magnetic field develops whenever objects interact where charge in motion exists.

You might not be a doctor but you can make a stethoscope and check your heart rate. You can use some of the medical equipments as a part of this science experiment.

Can you imagine yourself without a pair of hands, or even a single hand? Probably that would be the toughest moment. We are capable of performing variety of functions that include feeling, touching, grasping, and manipulating only because of hands. They are virtually the most important part of who we are and the way we look at yourself.

Science is lot more than new technologies, medicines or inventions. Science in everyday life enhances the capacity of the brain in gaining knowledge and curiosity about how the world runs and functions today. The importance of science and technology cannot be explained theoretically but it has definitely helped to form our environment where we live in today.

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