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Important Questions Class 12 Indian Economics Development Chapter Poverty

Free PDF download of Important Questions with Answers for CBSE Class 12 Economics Chapter – Poverty prepared by expert Economics teachers from latest edition of CBSE(NCERT) books only by StudySolver to score more marks in CBSE board examination. You can also Download  Economics Revision Notes Class 12  to help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

1. Define poverty. Ans.  Poverty is the inability of fulfilling the minimum requirement like food, clothing, housing education and health facilities etc.

2. How does absolute poverty measured in India? Ans.  Absolute poverty is measured in India with the help of poverty line.

3. What is meant by relative poverty? Ans.  Relative poverty refers to poverty of people in comparison to other people, region or nations.

4. Who are called chronic poor? Ans.  Those people who are always poor and those who are usually poor called chronic poor.

5. State the category of those people who are churning poor moving in and out of poverty. Ans.  Transit poor.

6. How does rise in price is responsible for poverty? Ans. Rise in price is a cause of decrease in real income or purchasing power so goods and services become costlier and poor people become unable to satisfy their minimum requirements.

7. Define poverty line? Ans.  Poverty line refers to that line which express per capita average monthly expenditure incurred by the people to satisfy their minimum needs.

8. What is “Food for work” programme? Ans. National food for work programme was launched in Feb’ 2001 which aims at increasing food security through wage employment in the drought affected rural areas in eight states.

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