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Important Questions Class 12 Geography Fundamentals Human Geography Chapter 1 Human Geography Nature Scope

Free PDF download of Important Questions with Answers for CBSE Class 12 Geography Chapter 1 Human Geography Nature and Scope prepared by expert Geography teachers from latest edition of CBSE(NCERT) books only by StudySolver to score more marks in CBSE board examination. You can also Download  Geography Revision Notes Class 12  to help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Ch-01 Human Geography: Nature & scope

VERY SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS Q. 1. As a field of study what would you include in the extensive reach of geography? Ans.  Geography as a filed of study is integrative, empirical and practical. Q. 2. Geography as a discipline has developed dualism. Write the nomenclature used for the dualism. Ans.  (A) Nomothetic (B) Idiographic Q.3. What could be diagnosed by understanding the secrets of DNA and genetics? Ans.  Diseases. Q.4. What looses the shackles of environment on human belongs? Ans.  Technology Q.5. When we can imagine the presence of a naturalized human? Ans.  In the stage of very low technological development. Q.6. When does the physical environment for societies becomes the ‘Mother Nature’. Ans . When there is direct dependence of human beings on nature for recourses. Q.7. Write the term ‘Nature provided opportunities and human being make use of these and slowly nature gets humanized and starts bearing the imprints of human endeavor.’ Ans.  Possibilism. Q.8. The introduction of social wellbeing school of thought in human geography is known by what name? Ans.  Welfare or humanistic school of thought. Q.9.Which school of thought employed the Marxian theory? Ans.  Radical school of thought. Q.10. Which school of thought laid emphasis or social categories based ethnicity, race and religion. Ans.  Behavioral school of thought. Q.11.In sub-fields of human geography what do we study in Gender geography? Ans.  Sociology, Anthropology & women’s study. Q.12. Urban/Rural planning is learnt in which of the fields of Human Geography? Ans.  Settlement Geography. Short Answer Questions:- Q.1 In analytical terms what does basically human geography study? Ans.  Human geography studies, “the relationship between the physical/natural and the human worlds, the spatial distribution of human phenomena and how they come about. The social and economic differences between different parts of the world”. Q.2 Do you find any dichotomy in between physical geography and the geography? Ans.  During intellectual exercises it is interpreted the basically that the dichotomy between physical and returned is not valid, because nature and human are inseparable elements and should be seen holistically. It is interesting to note the both physical and human phenomena are described in metaphors. (In order to show that the two things have the same qualities and to make the description more powerful). Long Answer Questions :- Q. 1 The scope and nature of human geography can be very well find out in physical environment and its modification by human beings. Ans.  Human Geography studies the inter relationship between the physical environment and socio- cultural environment created by human beings through mutual interaction with each other. Houses, villages cites, road-rail networks industries, farms, ports, items of our daily use and all other elements of material culture have been created by human beings using the resources provided by the physical environment. The scope of human geography have many spheres of nature and man to be understood to its fullest potential. 1. The population of a region and its capacity. 2. Resources provided by the natural environment of the concerned region. 3. Cultural set up established by using the natural resources. 4. Man environment adjustment by the interaction of natural and cultural environments. This is also known as are organization. 5. Temporal succession of man environment adjustment.

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