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Important Questions Class 12 Geography Fundamentals Human Geography Chapter 2 The World Population

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Ch-02 The World Population: Distribution, Density & Growth

Very Short Answer Questions Q.1.In demography which gender is considered to be the builder of a nations pillars deep and lift it to the sky. Ans.  Women Q.2. What does help us to understand the demographic characteristics of any area? Ans.  Patterns of population distribution and density. Q.15.What sort of correlation in there in between economic development and population growth? Ans.  Negative correlation.

Short Answer Questions Q.3 Analyze the term ‘Neo-determinism’ or ‘Stop’ and ‘go’ determinism. Ans.  The concept shows that neither is there a situation of absolute necessity more in there a condition of absolute freedom. Human being can conquer nature by obeying it. Men can proceed is their pursuits of development when nature permits the modifications. possibilities can be created within the limits which do not damage the environment and there is no free run without happenings. Neodeterminism nullifies the either-or dichotomy. Q.4 In colonial period which of the approaches developed in human geography? Account their broad features in each of the approach. Ans.  (i) Exploration and description approach – Feature – Empirical and trade interests prompted the discovery and exploration of new areas. (ii) Regional analysis – Feature – Elaborated description of all aspects of a region were undertaken. Q.5 Analyze the three components of population change Ans.  There are three components of population change ⇒Births, deaths and migration. The crude birth rate (CDR) is expressed as number of live births in a year per thousand of women. Death rate plays an active role in population change. Population growth occurs not only by increasing death rate. Crude death rate (CDR) is simply method of measuring mortality of any area. CDR is expressed in terns of number of deaths in a particular year per thousand of population in a particular region. Immigration and emigration also effect the population of an area. Q.6 What phenomenal set the stage for the rapid growth of population in the world? Ans.  The expanding world trade during the sixteenth and seventeenth century, set the stage for industrial Revolution the world population exploded Technological advancement achieved so far helped in the reduction of birth rate and provided a stage for accelerated population growth. Q.7 On account of what reasons the population growth rate has slowed down in Africa and the commonwealth of Independent states (CIS) and Asia. Ans.  The deadly HIV/AIDS epidemics has pushed up death rates and have reduced average life expectancy in these countries.

Long Answer Questions Q.2 Draw distinctions among the following terms of population. A. Growth of population. B. Growth rate of population. C. Natural growth of population. D. Positive growth of population. E. Negative growth of population. Ans.  Some basic differences among the above-mentioned terms may be enumerated as follow. A. Growth of population: –  Change of population in particular area between two points of time is known as growth of population i.e. difference is population on decadal basis in absolute number of population for an area/region/country. B. Growth rate of population: –  This is the change of population expressed in percentage. C. Natural growth of population: –  This is the population increased by difference between births and deaths in a particular region between two points of time Natural growth= Births – Deaths. Actual growth of population: this is Births – deaths + migration – Out migration. D. Positive growth of population: –  This happens when the birth rate is more than the death rate between two points of time or when people from other countries migrate percentage to a region. E. Negative growth of population: –  If the population decreases between two points of time it is known as negative growth of population. It occurs when the birth rate falls below the death rate or people migrate to other countries. Q.3 Account for the ‘Pull’ and ‘Push’ factors of population migration. Ans.  The pull and Push factors of population migration may be accounted as follows. Push Factors: – 1. Poverty 2. Political instability 3. Environmental problems 4. Hunger 5. War, Terrorism 6. Economic difficulties 7. Population pressure 8. Unemployment 9. No availability of resources 10. Rural indebtedness 11. Lack of conveniences Pull Factors:- 1. Opportunities 2. Family union 3. Economic temptation 4. Stability 5. Employment opportunities 6. Consumer Satisfaction 7. Better Facilities 8. Popular Culture 9. Political freedom

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