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Important Questions Class 12 Accountancy Chapter 11 Financial Statement Analysis

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Shareholders‘ fund Reserve and Surplus

Less: Statement of Profit and Loss(Dr. Balance)

2. EQUITY AND LIABILITIES (5) Shareholders’ Funds (d) Share Capital (e) Reserves and Surplus (f) Money received against share warrants (6) Share Applications Money Pending Allotment (7) Non-Current Liabilities (e) Long-term borrowings (f) Deferred tax liabilities(Net) (g) Other Long-term Liabilities (h) Long-term provisions (8) Current Liabilities (e) Short-term borrowings (f) Trade payables (g) Other current liabilities (h) Short-term provisions

1.Net Sales 2.Cost of Goods Sold 3.Indirect Expenses 4.Income Tax rate

8,00,000 60% of sales 10% of Gross profit 50%

10,00,000 60% of sales 10% of Gross Profit 60%

Gross Profit Less: Indirect Expenses

Gross Profit Less: IndirectExpenses