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Electricity can be made by making use of few simple objects that we use in our daily lives.

Electricity can be made by making use of few simple objects that we use in our daily lives. A battery can be considered as a regular example. You may have already seen the usage of battery in various areas. Here you can explore in detail.

Rocket Science is a branch of Aeronautical Engineering. Here we are dealing with a simple experiment that deals with a application of a pressure. In this experiment we have made use of a material that are available in our households.

Rainbow is caused by refraction, reflection, and dispersion of light. It is formed in a water droplet which in turn results in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. In this experiment, we are creating a rainbow using different levels of density.

It is a simple and interesting experiment on cloud formation. Materials used in this experiment are just a few things used in daily life. Through this experiment, one would know how does evaporation of water droplets take place and how it would lead to the formation of clouds.

Science Experiments are methodical procedures that is conducted to counter, support and justify hypothesis. It illustrates the causes and effects through demonstration and detects the outcomes when a particular factors are employed. Experiments may vary depending upon the scale and goals. But they are relevant depending upon the procedure and can rely on the logical analysis of the results.

These experiments play a vital role for a student studying in a science stream or a classroom. It is a kind of hands on activities. It helps students to engage more within the topics of the subject. The subject becomes more interesting with these practical experiments. It may vary from informal comparisons to personal comparisons. Choice of experiments may vary invariable between human science and natural science.

Beneath are the illustrations of a simple experiment that is more exciting and easily understandable .