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CBSE Class 5 is an important stage in the growth of a child.

World GK Questions for class 5 covers a wide range of fascinating topics related to longest largest ports and airports, capitals of various countries, locations of famous national parks, largest railway stations, prime ministers of important nations, and various major international organisations. Refer to various other World GK Questions from StudySolver, exclusively to tickle the minds of young learners. It will also cover important personalities who have achieved great success in different fields, facts on different countries and continents, location of different islands, world famous universities, and bridges. Folk dances, history of different nations also forms an important component of GK Questions for class 5 students.

CBSE Class 5 is an important stage in the growth of a child. It is important that they are exposed to General Knowledge early in their childhood so that it helps them develop the curiosity of various events and other important facts to broaden their horizon of thinking and understanding various facets of the world. World General Knowledge Questions for Class 5 will help them develop and accelerate their growth academically and personally.

The below given multiple choice World GK Questions for Class 5 will help students prepare for various inter school and intra school quiz competitions. It will also help students to enrich their knowledge on various interesting facts about the world. World GK Questions for Class 5 will be an important step for kindling curiosity in the minds of young growing children.

Here is a list of World GK questions in English for class 5,

1) Yerevan is the capital of ________

2) Nagorno Karabakh conflict is between Armenia and ________

3) BRICS is an international organization, here ‘S’ refers to which country

4) League of Nations was replaced by ________

a) United Nations Organisation (UNO)

5) India recently constructed a Parliament building of which nation?

6) Knesset is the Parliament of _________.

7) _________ is the current Prime Minister of Japan.

8) Spratly Islands is located in ________

9) Arc de Triomphe is situated in _______

10) European Union (E.U.) headquarters is located in ________

11) Who is known as Enlightened One _______

12) World’s largest port is located in ________

13) The busiest airport in World is located in _________

14) Wyoming is very famous for many national parks. Wyoming is located in ______

15) __________ was not part of Allied Powers during World War II

The above questions are some of the most important general knowledge questions on World GK for Class 5. The answers to them are provided below in the box. For more of such exciting questions on GK on other topics, download our learning app.

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