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Every student of class 8 wish to prepare a good science project for their science exhibition. If you are you looking for simple science working models for your school projects? You are at the right place. We got the best school working models for your science project along with details of what you need and how to do it.

The projects given below are tested and most popular among school exhibitions. The materials used in these models are commonly available in your house and few you can buy in very low cost. These simple and useful working models includes science fair projects for kids, middle school students and upper school students.

In this model you will notice how a concave mirrors collect the solar radiation and concentrate in one small particular point. Apart from this, you will also understand, how the color absorb the sunlight and its effect amount of heat on an object. This project need to be conducted outdoor in a sunny day or indoor if the sunlight enters the room through window.

The electric generator working model is designed to help students to understand how electricity is generated. This project can be created using materials that are available easily in your home. The electric generator is also known as wooden generator and is a simple yet fun experiment of producing electricity through mechanical energy.

Potato contains many water substance chemicals that causes a chemical reaction when interacts with one or more electrodes. Batteries contain sulfuric acid as electrolyte, while copper as zinc as electrodes. These chemical and elements can be found in fresh potato that contains lot of juice.