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A playful manner

LKG stand for Lower Kindergarten which is a preschool education. In this class, students are taught by playing, singing and through practical activities such as drawing. They learn bits and pieces of alphabets and numbers. This is the transition from home to school where a student get an opportunity for social interaction. At this stage, students have very sharp minds and fast learning abilities. Whatever they see around themselves and listen they quickly catch it. So, the LKG syllabus of CBSE has been designed in such a way that it make students learn the things in a playful manner. It also inculcates moral values and social ethics in them through motivational stories and short poems.

Students can be moulded in any shape at an early age. So, a special attention has been given while preparing the LKG Syllabus CBSE. Also, the books of LKG contain pictures and info graph, which generates the interest of the student toward studies. Here we have provided the LKG Syllabus of CBSE for all the subjects.

In LKG the following subjects are being taught to the students. Apart from these subjects, there might be some other subjects too, which varies from school to school.

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