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They primarily offer postgraduate, doctoral and executive education programmes.

According to Wikipedia, the Indian Institutes of Management are a group of public, autonomous institutes of management education and research in India. They primarily offer postgraduate, doctoral and executive education programmes. Each IIM exercises independent control over its day-to-day operations.

IIMs are prestigious and premier institutes in India for pursuing MBA. There are ample avenues that an IIM opens for you, including securing a high-flying job. It provides you with a great platform to showcase your abilities by providing you with incredible infrastructure, a great alumnus record and of course, immense but positive competition in terms of your peers. Besides boasting of providing their students with excellent education and faculty, their on-campus placement records are outstanding. One can’t possibly necessitate the importance of placements in the present-day.

IIMs churn out an enormous number of highly talented and qualified management graduates to be the part of the business and management community. Owing to their long-standing reputation and widespread knowledge of an IIM graduate’s future post completion of his/her studies, every student’s first preference automatically shifts to being accepted as a MBA candidate in an IIM. To get admission in an IIM you should meet the following requirements:

The typical philosophy practiced by an IIM is to develop innovative and ethical future leaders that are capable of managing change and transformation in a globally competitive environment and to advance the theory and practice of management in the modern world. Many IIM grads have been and are a part of multi-national corporations. The supply-demand dynamics at IIMs are more favourable to job-seekers.

The basic admission procedure to get into an IIM is:

Note: Each IIM shortlists candidates for second stage of selection which may be independent of each other.

Note: The processes, academic cut-offs and the weights allocated to the evaluation parameters vary across IIMs.

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